Denver Civil Service Commission "perplexed" by Manager of Safety's criticisms

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"Would I tell you that the Manager's going to get 100 percent of what he is asking for? I'd said certainly the majority of it, maybe not verbatim...but we have to work through this collaboratively," noted Peterson, who agrees that the work of the hearing officers has become way too broad.

"We're gonna get away from this litigious process," he said. "This thing has turned into a monster that's developed over the years.... We're going to address that and the manager can rest assured."

Earl Peterson, DCSC.jpeg
Earl Peterson
Martinez wants to see the Civil Service Commission give much greater consideration to the Manager of Safety's lengthy review of cases, which he believes should generally be sufficient. His overall goal is to streamline the process, so that investigations don't drag on so long -- a source of controversy with cases like 2009 macing at the Denver Diner.

Peterson said he agrees, but added that DCSC must make sure the process for officers facing disciplinary hearings remains just.

"We do have a responsibility to make sure the officers...are treated fairly...and as a commission, we are going to hold them accountable for bad behavior," he said. "We also expect the Manager to provide good, solid rationale.... Any manager that terminates someone has to have good, sound justification."

Employees should also have a fair opportunity to respond if they disagree with the findings of the Manager of Safety.

Peterson said that, at the end of the day, "This office is not here to protect bad officers or terminate good officers."

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The Civil Service Commission has often shown complete indifference to irrefutable evidence of wrong doing and reinstated the offending officers.  This is why most Denver citizens believe they are the ones that need to further justify their actions and procedures.  They need to be reminded that they, and the officers being disciplined , work for the people of Denver and will ultimately be held accountable.

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