Photos: Ten weirdest recent Denver Craigslist "Rants & Raves"

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Number 8: to who ever hit my blue pt cruser near troy and illif in aurora
blue car painting.jpg
you just cost me over $1500 worth of body work, plus the replacement wiring kits which i dont have a cost for yet, on my car that i dont have!!!! you hit my car, nearly took off the front bumper and fried some of the wiring system for the lights and fuel systems!!!! if you do see this email me and fess up. this is your mistake, you (or your insurance) need to pay for the damages! you cant hit some ones car and leave not even leaveing a note or trying to figure out who the car belongs to. wtf would you have done if i did that to you???? would that make you angry? would you want to pay for this out of pocket? surely not!!

Number 7: Be Proud To Be An Alcoholic

drunk woman.jpg
Winston Churchill, George Bush, John Ford, Ulysses S. Grant, Ernest Hemingway, Stephen King Edgar Allen Poe, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Downey Jr., Keith Urban, Glenn Beck..............................on and on and on.


My uncle was to, he was seen as the black sheep at the time, a has been, but then went on to become a successful businessman, owner of 7 small businesses, and millionaire.

I was an alcoholic to, went on to get my degree, finishing graduate school, and part owner of a business.

Embrace it, accept it, and see what others do not see.

No regrets here. Live your own life and all its ups and downs.

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Of course PufFags postings are on here, he's a little schizoid freak who clearly needs to be put out of his misery!



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