Photos: Ten weirdest recent Denver Craigslist "Rants & Raves"

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Number 4: Does caring cradle? (or become a boa constrictor?)
boa constrictor.jpg
You Only Have No One When You Never Let Go

The curtain opens on two, together as any communion that can't imagine any severance that could undo....and then the grip is tested, even though surety of it was more than apparent before the strength within was questioned. And from that slip it becomes all about domination by indifference subconsciously, despite the absence of conscious desire to fall from grace into this dance turned wrestling match. Who squeezes the tightest gains no victory from inflicting bruises or constricting breath...but each take their turns that appall the audience, before devolving into a wordless contest for who can care less the quickest. Like any of us who just want the thoughtless pretense of total control or complete compliance over with, the muscles falter with the will to make it nothing but wounding and cold before the curtain falls again...and as the house lights rise, we're left wondering if we have the breath to waste on denials or question the relevance. It was supposed to be more about mutual regard and deference, according to all the beginning promised...why did the hands that touched more than enough to move turn to clutching what cannot dance when constrained?

Is love control?...Samuel Bear Davis...

Number 3: Cheetos and Goldfish

cheetos bags.jpg
Guv, Coloradoans broke out the Cheeto's and Goldfish a long time ago, Amendment 64 simply confirms the wishes of the people. Some of us Coloradoans much prefer Cheetos over pork rinds and pickled eggs , washed down with beer from one of our local breweries until our check liver light comes on.
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Of course PufFags postings are on here, he's a little schizoid freak who clearly needs to be put out of his misery!



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