Photos: Denver Facebook page puts Mile High City's best face forward

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denver facebook cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
You can tell a lot about a city by what's on its Facebook page. That's definitely true of Denver's official Facebook address, which has more than 202,000 likes and counting. We've collected a dozen photos from the page's gallery (many contributed by fans) that offer a good idea of the image city fathers and mothers want to present to the world -- and memorable images they are. Check them out below.

denver facebook 1.jpg
Courtesy of Denver Facebook

denver facebook 2.jpg
Courtesy of Denver Facebook

denver facebook 3.jpg
Courtesy of Denver Facebook
Continue to see more photo highlights from the official Denver Facebook page.

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Yeah, this is a fairly terrible page -- definitely not "official"! The tourism page for Denver is 


This isn't an official anything. This is set up by a marketing company, and it looks like it has done this for damn near every major city in the country:

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