Denver Post's decision to sell stake in Colorado Rockies not sign of financial turmoil, CEO says

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John Paton.
While Moss, who's been at the Post for about ten months, declines to "get into specific numbers" from the paper's ledger, he says, "we're growing our digital business by 20 percent a year -- and that's revenue. And at the same time, the print business is much more stable than it's been. That's what's got me so excited. Stabilizing print and growing digital significantly is a formula for success, and it's a model that will sustain us for decades to come. That's why I came here, and that's what we're building."

Could a paywall in which free online access would be restricted for non-subscribers be part of the structure going forward? Moss doesn't dismiss the possibility, but neither does he imply that such a move is inevitable.

"The company is doing testing in some of our smaller markets, but at this point, we have no plans for a paywall at the Post," he stresses. "We're evaluating it all the time, but we have no plans to do it anytime soon.

"I know there are many newspapers that have moved to a paywall, and we'll look at the successes they have. But the way I look at it, and the way John looks at it, is that we really believe that the win on the digital side is on the ad-revenue side. And as we continue to build the audience, it gives us that much more to sell advertisers. That's the model we're working on right now."

Why sell the piece of the Rockies, then, if everything is going so well? Moss reiterates that "it doesn't really fit with what our core business is" even as he makes it clear that attracting a buyer right away isn't an absolute necessity. In his words, "we're testing the waters, seeing if there's interest in it. If there is, we'll sell our minority stake, and if there isn't, we'll be happy to keep it."

Continue to read the Post's release about its growing audience.

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Whistling past the graveyard. And that picture of Moss screams, "Hey, come over here, I've got this great 1976 Pinto to sell you. Runs like new!"


Moss and the other clowns running the Post can squish and massage and tweak and adjust and manipulate the numbers all they want into their favor. Kind of like the Rockies shouting from the purple-lined seats at 20th and Blake, "Look! We won 64 games this year! Progress!"


The fact is, the Post has been bleeding money left, right and center, certainly moreso since it put the Rocky six feet under nearly four years ago. It thought it would own the media market with its new-found monopoly. Whoops. Yup, those buyouts, severance packages, eliminating of copy editors, having writers write headlines, not replacing columnists and staffers who leave ... yup, things are just fine financially at 101 West Colfax, Moss will have you believe. And we're supposed to believe anything a Post exec says in a public statement/interview -- because Post execs ALWAYS have told the truth in public statements, right?


Please. It's clear the attempt to sell something that has only gone up in value -- which no other piece of Post/MediaNews property can claim -- since it was gifted it -- and will only continue to go up in value -- reeks of desperation for an influx of cash. Stat!


The favorable terms Uncle Dean got in his previous bankruptcy only softened the blow and left the same goofballs in charge -- to continue making the same mistakes because those on the 11th floor are still living in the 1980s business model.


Send in the clowns.


The hiring of W. Weiss as head coach shows CLEARLY , the teams attempt to

sell seats , regardless of record . Throw in Dante !!! Plan some type of hoopla for each & every home game . We already seat on average OVER 30,00 for a 100 LOSS TEAM !!!

I believe they are making it more appealing to a real buyer . Hopefully whoever this may be , they CARE about WINNING !!!!!!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Denver Post = worthless reich-wing shitrag that deserves to fail

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @Juan_Leg Hope you're right about a desire to win games, Juan. Thanks.

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