Denver Post's decision to sell stake in Colorado Rockies not sign of financial turmoil, CEO says

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Denver Post press release:
Readers embracing digital delivery of The Denver Post traffic increases 19%, mobile page views up 32% and tablet readers soar by 37%

DENVER (Oct. 30, 2012) -- More metro area adults than ever before are choosing The Denver Post as their number one news source, driving Post readership to record-setting levels. According to a detailed analysis of the latest circulation figures filed by The Denver Post, as well as other traffic measures, over the past six months average monthly page views of increased 19% to over 72 million, monthly mobile page views increased 32% to 24 million and Denver Post Facebook fans jumped 22% to nearly 300,000 fans.

In addition, readers of The Denver Post on tablet devices soared 37% and traffic to The Post's Digital Replica Edition increased 22% when compared to the previous reporting period (Oct. 2011-March 2012), demonstrating that consumers continue to embrace The Post on every available platform.

"Over the past six months, we've seen tremendous growth across our digital platforms," said Ed Moss, Denver Post President and CEO. "This summer we released a new iPad app with a dynamic interactive layout and incredible photo galleries, and our digital replica edition allows readers to view every story, photo and offer in the printed Post on their iPad or tablet device. These innovations are clearly connecting with Colorado's consumers."

The analysis of the latest Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) report shows total circulation for The Sunday Denver Post increased 1.48% to 604,184 for the six months ending Sept. 30, 2012, compared to the previous reporting period (Oct. 2011-March 2012). Total Saturday circulation increased 2.60% to 439,724 and daily circulation rose 2.88% to 412,669 during the same six month period. The new numbers include circulation for home delivery, single copy and other printed copies and editions, plus people accessing The Post's digital replica and non-replica editions on mobile devices, tablets, e-readers and computers.

As ownership of smart phones and tablet devices continues to increase, traffic on Denver Post mobile sites has exploded. Mobile unique visitors to increased 87% to nearly 1.4 million visitors per month, and mobile page views increased 32% to almost 24 million a month, when compared to the previous six month averages (Oct. 2011-March 2012). During the same time period, monthly page views of The Denver Post digital replica edition increased by more than one million to a monthly average of 5.6 million, a 22% increase.

More people than ever before are visiting throughout the day for news and information. According to Omniture, Verve Wireless, Spreed and Doapps, over the past six months had average monthly page views of 73 million, a 19% increase compared to the previous six months. An average of 7.2 million unique visitors now log on to every month, giving The Post the largest online audience in the Denver DMA among local media websites, according to comScore.

Over the past six months, the network of all Denver Post sites, which includes and, had an average of 9.5 million monthly unique visitors accessing an average of 82 million pages a month.

"I think it's clear that people are turning to The Denver Post first when they want information," said Bill Reynolds, Denver Post Senior Vice President of Circulation. "Whether it's a breaking news story like Peyton Manning joining the Broncos or our photo gallery of the summer wildfires, people know the best way to stay connected to their community is by reading The Denver Post on the device they use the most."

In the increasingly important social media marketplace, Denver Post Facebook fans and Twitter followers continue to lead all local media competitors. Over the past six months (April-Sept. 2012), the average monthly number of Denver Post combined Facebook fans increased 22% and Twitter followers increased 9%. As of Sept. 2012, The Post had 676,679 combined followers on Twitter and 298,138 combined fans on Facebook.

The Denver Post is a brand of Digital First Media. Headquartered in New York City, Digital First Media jointly manages MediaNews Group and Journal Register Company properties. According to Omniture, Verve Mobile and Spreed Mobile, in August 2012, Digital First Media had more than 60 million unique visitors and 51 million smart phone, app and tablet page views across more than 880 multi-platform products in 18 states.

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Whistling past the graveyard. And that picture of Moss screams, "Hey, come over here, I've got this great 1976 Pinto to sell you. Runs like new!"


Moss and the other clowns running the Post can squish and massage and tweak and adjust and manipulate the numbers all they want into their favor. Kind of like the Rockies shouting from the purple-lined seats at 20th and Blake, "Look! We won 64 games this year! Progress!"


The fact is, the Post has been bleeding money left, right and center, certainly moreso since it put the Rocky six feet under nearly four years ago. It thought it would own the media market with its new-found monopoly. Whoops. Yup, those buyouts, severance packages, eliminating of copy editors, having writers write headlines, not replacing columnists and staffers who leave ... yup, things are just fine financially at 101 West Colfax, Moss will have you believe. And we're supposed to believe anything a Post exec says in a public statement/interview -- because Post execs ALWAYS have told the truth in public statements, right?


Please. It's clear the attempt to sell something that has only gone up in value -- which no other piece of Post/MediaNews property can claim -- since it was gifted it -- and will only continue to go up in value -- reeks of desperation for an influx of cash. Stat!


The favorable terms Uncle Dean got in his previous bankruptcy only softened the blow and left the same goofballs in charge -- to continue making the same mistakes because those on the 11th floor are still living in the 1980s business model.


Send in the clowns.


The hiring of W. Weiss as head coach shows CLEARLY , the teams attempt to

sell seats , regardless of record . Throw in Dante !!! Plan some type of hoopla for each & every home game . We already seat on average OVER 30,00 for a 100 LOSS TEAM !!!

I believe they are making it more appealing to a real buyer . Hopefully whoever this may be , they CARE about WINNING !!!!!!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Denver Post = worthless reich-wing shitrag that deserves to fail

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @Juan_Leg Hope you're right about a desire to win games, Juan. Thanks.

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