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Best Denver Twitter Account: Denver Center For the Performing Arts
The Denver Center for the Performing Arts oversees a complex of theaters and venues for the arts-seeking public. Much of what it has to offer might be taken for granted if it weren't for the Twitter account keeping theater revelers up to date with news of upcoming shows, coverage of current performances and open invites to panel discussions. Corporate Twitter accounts are often just robots of tweeting, but the DCPA responds quickly to questions and interacts with patrons as if they were talking on the phone. This personality gives new life to an otherwise tech-run device, making it easier for Twitter patrons to know important details about ticket sales, upcoming events, and what to look for in the multiple theaters on whose behalf the account tweets.

Best Boulder Twitter Account: Boulder Parking
It might not sound exciting, but it is. The organizers at Boulder's official parking account have taken a simple concept -- routine car Tetris -- and made it even simpler, with regular updates on the city's best and blocked spots as construction and gridlock change. Now, smart social-media users can experience the feeling of pulling into that oddly convenient spot on demand, thanks to the simple (and often strangely funny) tweets of @boulderparking.

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Best Westword Commenter: Mantonat
While many of the comment threads on Latest Word have gone to pot -- literally -- there's always a tasty discussion over on Café Society, and the erudite, informative and always entertaining comments from Mantonat are one of the main reasons why. His frequent comments display an incredible range of knowledge not just about the lively local drinking and dining scene, but drinking and dining around the world, and he shares this knowledge without making other commenters (or the blog's authors) eat crow over their ignorance or outright errors. Instead, he just moves the conversation along, providing endless food for thought.

Best Public Service on Social Media: RTD
People sure do love to bitch about public transportation, and the folks behind RTD's Twitter account respond to each and every complaint (and the compliments, too). Their feed is full of exchanges like this: "dear @RideRTD -- what am I supposed to do when the touch screens don't work at county line?? #betternotgetfined #noticket. // @brose410 Sorry for the inconvenience last night, we'll send someone out to get them fixed today." It's nice to be heard.

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Best Podcast: These Things Matter
Like Trekkies arguing in Klingon, pop-culture nerds inevitably have their own language, and These Things Matter podcast hosts Kevin O'Brien and Taylor Gonda speak it fluently. During their regular, hour-long ode to all things trivial, the hyper O'Brien and insatiably curious Gonda bring local talent on to discuss a selected subject of the day, which can be anything from Kevin Smith to Westerns and jam bands.

Best Journalist on Twitter: John Ingold, Denver Post
Live tweeting isn't easy, but the Post's John Ingold does it with accuracy and the right amount of snark. Here's a tweet from his recent coverage of a Paul Ryan rally: "Ryan: 'I've been coming to Colorado since I was a little guy. So has my wife. (awkward pause) Since she was a little girl.'" And another that sums up his feelings about this past election season: "In my mind, I am already putting together the slideshow of Tweetpic campaign photos scored to Sarah McLachlan's 'I Will Remember You.'" Bonus: Ingold's tweets are always perfectly punctuated.

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Drew Wilson of here. Thanks so much for naming us Best GLBTQ Blog in the 2012 Denver #WebAwards. It truly is an honor. Thanks to Westword and thanks to everyone who nominated us.


I'm beyond bummed I couldn't make the party last night but had a prior commitment as sponsor of the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's 16th Annual Business Awards Dinner.


Can I come pick up my trophy now? :)

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