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Best PR Flack on Twitter: Jeremy Story, Dovetail Solutions
In addition to serving as president of a Denver PR firm, Jeremy Story is the man behind the Denver PR Blog and its active Twitter account. Story regularly posts and tweets news from the local PR scene ("GroundFloor Media Adds SlimGenics as Client"), in addition to PR job ads, interviews with local media folks, and a recurring item called "Great Moments in Journalism" that includes the time a Denver Post reporter tweeted that he got horny at the Olympics.

Best Fake Twitter Account: Fake Bruce Benson
From political commentary to utterly dada tweets, @fakebrucebenson comically lampoons the much-criticized University of Colorado president. Whether he's talking about trying to get his grandkids into Flying Lotus, plans to turn CU Boulder's Farrand Hall into a casino, or having Shepard Fairey pick up his recycling, this ersatz version of the former businessman and current university president is always good for a laugh. And really, wouldn't it be nice if Bruce Benson was the kind of guy who would tweet things like "Remember when N'Sync teamed up with Nelly? That was my jam" or use the hashtag #DollaDollaBillYall‬?

Best Civic Phone App: My Fair Election
It's fitting that came out of Denver, a city that for months faced regular traffic jams and road closures due to the campaign stops of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. This site, with a slick mobile version, allows users to become "citizen election monitors" with just a few clicks. Users can find their polling locations through an easy search tool and then tell others about their voting experience and rate their experiences. Democracy!

Best Sports Team on Twitter: Colorado Rockies
The Rockies have the Instagram thing down. The team's Twitter feed is full of behind-the-scenes looks at Coors Field, including a view from the press box and an even better one from inside the manual scoreboard, a locker-room shot of player Johnny Herrera's spikes, and a two-paneled photo of the dugout before and after a game. (We just have one question: Why is the floor all wet?) On Twitter, the team delivers exactly the kind of inside baseball that true fans want.

Best Social or Political Campaign: Occupy Denver
Urban-camping ban be damned, Occupy Denver is still keeping the movement strong with its steadfast online pipeline. From updates on local and national action and legislation to information on meet-ups, rallies and free "Teach-In" sessions, Occupy Denver's on the Twitter, Facebook and website horn. In short, Occupy has learned the value of never shutting up.

Best Sports Phone App: EpicMix Ski Application
As soon as snow hits the ground, Colorado's winter-sports enthusiasts are reunited with the application that has become like a digital best friend for those who frequent it. The app acts as a one-stop shop for all of its users' activity on the slopes at seven EpicMix sites, saving and storing their feats and photos for future knowledge. And bragging rights, of course.

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Drew Wilson of here. Thanks so much for naming us Best GLBTQ Blog in the 2012 Denver #WebAwards. It truly is an honor. Thanks to Westword and thanks to everyone who nominated us.


I'm beyond bummed I couldn't make the party last night but had a prior commitment as sponsor of the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's 16th Annual Business Awards Dinner.


Can I come pick up my trophy now? :)

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