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Best Music Video: "The Fallout," by The Epilogues
In this stark and jarring video, director Dillon Novak perfectly captures the ragged energy of the Epilogues. Everything is here: a damsel in distress, blood, shadowy figures -- even an abandoned house. Shots of the band playing wildly are paralleled with a scary-movie chase scene, culminating in an ending that looks as though it could lead to a sequel. Fingers crossed.

Best DJ or Producer on Social Media: Ben Samples
Between traveling to play gigs at some of the country's most notable venues and hanging out around Denver on random nights to see the talent that comes through, Ben Samples doesn't shut up on the Twitter tip. Through social observations, backstage self-portraits, reports of late-night hijinks and other humorous anecdotes and quips, Samples lets you know what he's thinking when he's thinking it. And his response to followers' random questions and commentary keeps the conversation consistent and interesting. As far as we know, he's also the first person on the Internet to use "Lindsay Lohan" as a verb.

Best Booze Blog: Fermentedly Challenged
Colorado's craft beer scene has exploded in the past five years -- not just with new breweries, but also with people who write about beer. It wasn't like that in 2007, though, when Dave Butler, a work-from-home IT engineer, started reviewing beers, listing beer festivals and covering the industry. Since that time, Fermentedly Challenged has grown in the size and scope of its coverage, as well as in the world of social media, where brewers have found a receptive audience. Although Butler lives in Greeley, his news and reviews, his musings and his passion criss-cross the entire suds-soaked state.

grace full plate.jpg
Best Food Blog:
The blogosphere is full of food writers, some of whom, like Grace Boyle -- a Boulder-based blogger whose expressive food-induced documentations cover everything from culinary excursions and restaurant reviews to recipes and top-ten lists -- make you want to mouse-click through just about every charm-filled post. Empty of excess calories, Boyle's blog is approachable and easy to digest, and she's good with the camera, too, shooting a smorgasbord of photos that tell the story of her experiences. She calls food her "first love," and her blog gracefully chronicles that passion.

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Best Restaurant Website: TAG
TAG's website is everything a restaurant show page should be. Splashed with a gallery of stunning photos that highlight chef-owner Troy Guard's equally exquisite Asian cuisine, it includes contact information that's not buried in the hinterlands, a consistently updated menu with current pricing, and a blog that focuses on different features, including wine and Guard's rooftop garden. Best of all, it's a breeze to navigate and includes a comprehensive month-by-month guide of the restaurant's events.

sarah gore twitter.jpg
Best Eater on Twitter : Sarah Gore
Foodnik-around-town Sarah Gore has that tweet thing down to a super-savvy science, keystroking 140 characters multiple times a day. With 20,406 tweets to her name, she's a restaurant cheerleader, a chef's dream customer, a consumer advocate of manners and etiquette, an in-the-know, and a go-to source for insider gossip. Even better, she almost always posts a food-porn photo (or two) to go with her words. And while tweeting isn't her day job, she always manages to find the time to re-tweet the restaurant world's most salient stories, and she's not shy about dispensing kudos to her growing legion of followers.

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Drew Wilson of here. Thanks so much for naming us Best GLBTQ Blog in the 2012 Denver #WebAwards. It truly is an honor. Thanks to Westword and thanks to everyone who nominated us.


I'm beyond bummed I couldn't make the party last night but had a prior commitment as sponsor of the Denver Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's 16th Annual Business Awards Dinner.


Can I come pick up my trophy now? :)

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