Dylan Redwine disappearance: Dad surfaces as investigators conclude boy didn't run away

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The folks behind the Find Missing Dylan Redwine Facebook page continue to share regular updates about the case -- including this post from six hours ago at this writing: "Because all of you are working so hard over 18,000 peeps around the world are seeing Dylan's face! Let's make it millions! We want to bring Dylan home!"

The Facebookers have been lobbying for CNN's Nancy Grace to pick up the story, and she has, offering a number of tweets about Dylan late yesterday -- this one among them:

Also on the Facebook page is this note to Dylan from a family friend:

Hey Dyl,

It's been a long 10 days and we miss you so much. You would have been so proud of Cory last night at your vigil, I was. He misses you so much, we hope that you can at least see these and know how much we all love you! The community came out last night and prayed for you, it was beautiful. Your friends talked about you being the class clown! Sounds like spanish class was your favorite class to be the clown in. Unicorn huh? Funny, funny stuff. I hope you are warm somewhere, that you have good food and you are being nourished. We all go to bed thinking about you, I don't think anyone really sleeps right now, but we get up in the morning thinking about you again, all day~everyday~ until you come home. Love you buddy

I'm posting your favorite song for you again, every night until you come home... it's the acoustic version this time, just thought I would change it up a bit for you.

Below, see four videos, including the latest Fox31 report, featuring Mark Redwine's comments; a clip assembling photos from the candlelight vigil; a 7News report; and the song mentioned in the friend's Facebook post above -- "Blurry" by Puddle of Mudd. That's followed by our previous coverage.

Continue to read our earlier coverage about the disappearance of Dylan Redwine.

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The mother isn't doing the investigation ANY good appearing on MSNBC accusing the father of being involved via an inconclusive poly-gram test. Law enforcement has stated from the beginning they didn't feel the father has ANY involvement. Yet,  the ONLY way she was going on that annoying bitch's show, ( Nancy Grace ), was to NATIONALLY, point her finger at her ex-husband.

How does this help ?

Denisse Lomas
Denisse Lomas

I believe the dad did something to this poor boy


@Denisse Lomas I believe you did something since theres no acual evidance that the father did anything except someone with a grudge pointing the finger on sum tv show where the host pressumes everyone guilty until proven otherwise. yea with my overwhelming education as a detective(as with yours) I believe you had some involvement.

I pray for the safety of this boy but its a shame theres people out there who are already convicting the dad we could just as easlily point fingers at the mother but no shes presuumed inocent as it should be EQUALLY. 

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