Erik Jensen, juvenile lifer, hangs onto hope "now more than ever"

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Erik Jensen Letter

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The fact that Erik was a juvenile is a critical element here, but even leaving that factor aside, the disparity in his sentence compared to those convicted of similar crimes in Colorado and around the nation is also egregious. I believe extreme disparity in sentencing violates society's "standards of decency" that the Eighth Amendment should be used to uphold. This is true for most of these (former) juveniles in CO and elsewhere sentenced to life without parole.


This case is a monumental tradgety. Nathan exhibited every red flag of abuse and Erik sensed it. They were kids and one of them was being ignored by everyone but the other kid. Erik has a big heart and has grown to become a example of what a good man should be. He's spent 15 years in prison for truley believing he was helping a friend. It's time to send him home !!


Powerful story, powerfully told.  Should be mandatory reading for freshmen in Colorado high schools.  Good material foir coaches to discuss with teams.  Relevant for home room and freshman english conversations.  We need to lower the level of violence in our youth.  This testimony can help

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@kranburg Thanks for the post, kranburg. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Appreciate you weighing in.

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