Videos: Five funniest Denver TV news bloopers

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Videos below.
The 7News story about CIA director David Petraues's resignation that featured a doctored book cover reading All Up in My Snatch instantly joined the pantheon of great Denver TV news bloopers. But while some gaffes -- like '80s-era KCNC anchor Madeline McFadden asking weatherman Larry Green what happened to the eight inches he promised her -- live on only in memory, many have been preserved on video. Here are our five favorites.

Number 5: The crooked crack

In October 2010, Channel 2's Chris Parente and Natalie Tysdal were bantering about unicorns when the studio cut to a shot of what Parente described as his unicorn tattoo. But it was hard to tell from the image what part of his body had been inked up -- and when Tysdal mentioned that a crack to one side of the horny horsey was "crooked," both of them lost their shit. And you'll be glad they did.

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Our local news is pretty much a joke overall ....

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