Photo: Gary Johnson Facebook page posts sexiest presidential poster ever

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Big photo below.
Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson has put a big emphasis on Colorado, as he made clear in our recent Q&A with the former New Mexico governor as well as a video post of his Monday appearance at CU-Boulder.

But now, even some supporters are put off by a fan-created poster for Johnson that was shared on the Facebook page linked to his campaign website. Here's a larger look at the image.

gary johnson ad facebook.jpg
The intro to the post on Johnson's Facebook page is simple and straight-forward. It reads: "A creative fan-created Gary Johnson poster sent to the campaign." But while the item has nearly 12,000 likes at this writing, many of the more 1,700 comments the pic has collected are negative. Here's one example....
More sexist Libertarian ads using sexy women to make people want to vote. We aren't your door prizes.
...and here's another.
I am shocked that there is an ad like that one on a Presidential candidate's fb page. Yes, she is pretty and is living free and women's rights blah blah blah -- but again -- I don't see how this is presidential. It is getting attention, so let's all hope it is for the good. But based on feedback I have read from others, it is not helping the cause.
In Colorado, Johnson has been seen as a potentially key factor in the presidential race due in part to his support of Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act. The theory goes something like this: Voters drawn to the polls by Amendment 64 might vote for Johnson rather than Barack Obama, throwing the state to Mitt Romney. However, today's Denver Post suggests that such a scenario is unlikely, since Johnson is currently polling at around 2 or 3 percent -- not the 5 percent that he says could spell doom for the entrenched two-party system. And while figures suggest that in Colorado, he takes more votes from Obama than Romney, the gap isn't wide enough to make much of a difference unless, according to political analyst Eric Sondermann, the race is "Spandex-tight."

Could this phrase inspire a sequel to the poster above? There are still a few days of campaigning left....

More from our Politics archive: "Video: Gary Johnson, Libertarian presidential candidate, turns Boulder upside-down."

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I was hoping it would be a sexy picture *of* Gary Johnson.

Ryan Terpstra
Ryan Terpstra

Welcome to advertising. Sexy people sell things. People buy and vote for sexy people that advertise things they like. Also, it's a FAN poster - IE: not created by the campaign. Honestly, I'd put money on the "upset" people trying to create this faux-sexist controversy to try & keep the light off of the two mainstream parties who are actively trying to legislate against women's rights in their own ways. Go ahead & keep focusing on that pesky, inconsequential ad made by a supporter, ladies. It'll make it easier for your actual rights to be taken from you.


"stick it to Obamney"? I think this poster makes me want to stick it somewhere else. Who doesn't love a libertarian.

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