"Good sex can save our nation," announces sign at church with Jessica Ridgeway ties

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The kidnapping and killing of Jessica Ridgeway, a ten-year-old Westminster girl, has spawned many calls for justice and change -- but arguably none so unexpected as the message that appears on a sign outside Grace Church of Arvada, which reads: "Good sex can save our nation."

What's the Jessica connection?

The memorial service for Jessica wasn't held at Grace Church, as erroneously stated in the package below from 9News, which first reported on the sign. The actual setting was Arvada's Faith Bible Chapel.

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Rick Long.
However, Pastor Rick Long became a familiar face during the search for the missing girl, who disappeared on her way to school on October 5. And his ties to the Ridgeway family have kept him in the limelight even after the arrest of Austin Sigg, seventeen, for the crime. Note that he was introduced on the October 25 edition of Nancy Grace's Headline News program as "Jessica's pastor." And many of the posts on the Grace Church Facebook page pertain to Jessica's death and fundraisers for the family.

Moreover, Long links the "Good sex" sign with what happened to Jessica. "We have a ten-year-old girl who's gone," he tells 9News when asked about the sign, adding, "Sexual-assault charges were filed, as well as the other charges" against Sigg.

The implication, which will presumably be outlined in more detail at sermons on the subject this weekend: A healthy sex life can actually prevent the sort of violent deviancy that may lead to terrible acts like this one.

Here's the 9News report.

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Jennifer Wetteland
Jennifer Wetteland

Are they seriously suggesting that if this person had a better sex life he wouldn't have kidnapped, raped, and murdered a little girl?! Ridiculous.

Gabriel Citrus Melchor
Gabriel Citrus Melchor

Maybe the sign is suggesting that it's better to adopt a healthy, positive attitude about sex than it is to abstain and hold restrictive, puritanical beliefs about it? You know, that maybe good sex can foster a sense of love and connectedness between people on multiple levels that can be nurturing, restorative, expansive, healing, and help people open up their hearts rather than seeking out people to dominate, molest, assault, or worse? Sounds like a gift from god to me!

nemopunk15 topcommenter

Oh Lordy!


This moron should stick to pretending he knows what happens after death, clearly social policy and criminal justice are WAY out of his league.

Ann Kossack
Ann Kossack

Sex sells... what is this called... a teaser!

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