Reader: James Holmes theory about music triggering murder foreseen by Tipper Gore

James Holmes.
The National Enquirer's story about James Holmes's alleged confession to the theater shooting included the assertion that something in The Dark Knight Rises' soundtrack set off the lethal rampage. One reader believes this tale is possible and connects the concept to Tipper Gore's campaign against musical profanity during the 1980s. Here's how.

dcCU writes:

It is not far off the mark or incredulous that insider says Holmes claims to have heard a score of music and acted on cue as programmed. For years people have been talking about the powers of subliminal messaging in the music industry (possibly the video games currently). The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC we learned had messages if played backward. Current discussions include Lady Gaga, Rhianon, and Usher. Marilyn Manson and Dave Damain use words that can sound like more than just one word-interpretations up for grabs. What about Kubrick's movie or Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange, music and noises altered states of mind and caused a range of emotions or actions. I thought Tipper Gore was ridiculous and trying to censor music when she started with Parental Advisory Stickers, however as I look back I see that she knew the powers of language and the profanities being attempted within/through the music industry. She was trying to protect those that were unaware of the powers of language and to preserve the freedoms of American society from those that want to have a new world without choice and where freedoms are limited except for a select few.

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not only murder but to promote apathy, drug use, sexual promiscuity, beliefs that there is no God, to place importance on looks, fashion, or sports: to forget about what's important, to be trivial instead of contemplative; to breed hate and promote self indulgences, to become insensitive to others plights, to be less human...


Thank you Michael for realizing the importance of issue and renewing awareness. I am new to site so I am wondering how I missed this. Is there a way that I can be notified each time you write on an issue? I don't want to miss anything as I think you write about important matters and I know I can learn from you. have a nice day :)


@IZen if one chooses to use sarcasm and reduce a situation by opinion then the argument is fallible. It is amazing how people are throwing around flagrant criticism without knowing ANY facts except that Holmes was at the scene of a crime. And wasn't it stated that after someone received a phone call they exited the theater door and returned about half an hour later? You are making the assumption that Holmes had gear in his car or placed outside to access or who knows what you are thinking, because I don't think you thought before you wrote. Did you even do one google search on music industry and techniques used to influence listeners? Have you never heard of subliminal messaging through the television programs or movies for viewers? or even in commercials for that matter? Did you read other statements by fellow bloggers that expounded on NLP and gave facts on history and effectiveness of subliminal messaging? Tipper Gore should be commended for all her efforts and concern and for the way she stuck to her beliefs and did not disclose certain FACTS so that she could promote a beneficent cause for society. It is a shame that some parents do not care enough for their own children to discriminate what their children listen to or view even after being advised by one that apparently cared about all of America's children. A long overdue in thanks to Tipper and I suppose to Wal-mart as well because they censor/filter out what is not intended for innocent influential minds when perverse content is within lyrics.


By coincidence, he just happened to have body armor, an assault rifle, and other weapons handy when the sound track brain washed him into action.

I'm living proof of this theory, I've been worshiping Satan ever since I first listened to stairway to heaven.

If you don't follow google backmasking

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