Readers: Joe Biden is smart and irrefutable -- or a ticking gaffe bomb

Joe Biden.
Sam Levin's post about Vice President Joe Biden's Arvada appearance, during which he portrayed Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney as a liar who doesn't believe in the average American, prompted a wide range of reactions. Here's two that are about as far apart as can be imagined.

Emerald writes:

Biden makes the Irish proud. Smart, funny, and irrefutable. That's why people attack him personally, because they have no response to his substantive conclusion that Romney is a lying, flip-flopping salesman with no conviction whatsoever. Hey Romney supporters, give us one example where Romney has maintained a consistent position; and "I really, really, really, want to be President" doesn't count.
Paha writes:
Joe Biden is a ticking time (and also a gaffe) bomb, ready to explode whenever he opens his big mouth. He lacks the mental balance and intellect to be a heartbeat away from becoming our President. For that reason alone, Obama must NOT get anyone's vote for a second term. Not to mention the other obvious reasons for NOT voting the Obama ticket: monumental failure of Obama's first term, disastrous economic situation of the country, financial debt Obamama has incurred, NO viable plan for the next 4 years (more of the same failed policies) & for being an incompetent Commander-in-Chief (Benghaze - need I say more?). How can so many Americans be blind to these obvious FACTS. Blinded by their unconditional devotion to Obama, they are willing to destroy this country by re-electing him, and in doing so destroy their own futures. Come on people, see the light and wake-up before its too late.

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Charlie Whiskey
Charlie Whiskey

I dunno. I'm waaaayyyy too high for questions like that.

Chris Estus
Chris Estus

Better yet enjoy your dem candidate for 2016 LMFAO

Stephen At Half Aspen
Stephen At Half Aspen

The man may be a goof but he knows more about foreign policy and Washington inside than anyone else. He's the man you go to to get the support of others in Washington.


HEY BIGOT LOOPER.. I do not want children to use marijuana! Although I would rather children use marijuana RATHER than PROVEN DEADLY alcohol, pill and tobacco which YOUR persona and administration glorifies to CHILDREN!

Don Finley
Don Finley

America has gotten what it deserves and asked for and Joe Biden represents the worst of politicians and politics today.

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