Kara Nichols search: Is model's photo on Las Vegas escort website false lead?

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Big photos below.
While the loved ones of missing Dylan Redwine had to lobby the national media to cover his story, no encouragement was needed in the search for Colorado Springs' Kara Nichols, nineteen. After all, she's been working as a model, meaning there are plenty of gorgeous photos to display (see samples below), and word that her image was found on a Las Vegas escort service's website only increased interest. But is this last development a false lead?

Here's how Nichols describes herself in a self-penned bio for the Model Mayhem website:

My name is Kara and I'm 19 years old. I've been modeling since February 2012, and although I'm new to it modeling is something I am very passionate about and I take my work seriously. Currently I'm working on building my portfolio so I'm always looking for modeling opportunities in my area. I've done mostly lingerie shoots so far but I'm extremely open minded and I'm willing to work with you on ideas for shoots so contact me if you're interested in working with me!
kara nichols 7.jpg
One of many photos of Kara Nichols shared on the Help Find Kara Nichols Facebook page.
The bio ends with this postscript, which speaks volumes about the world of modeling:
NOTE TO PHOTOGRAPHERS -- due to my financial situation I am mainly focused on paid work. I am still open for TF shoots but paid work takes priority for now. Please contact me for serious requests only.
As for the details of Nichols' disappearance, they're provided on the Help Find Kara Nichols Facebook page:
Kara Nichols left her home at 6700 block of Mission Road in Colorado Springs bound for Denver on October 9th only to not be seen again. The last call on her cell phone was at 11:45 p.m. October 9, 2012.
More information appears on this missing persons flier:

kara nichols flier.jpg
Nichols is said to have traveled to Denver in the company of two women whose names have not yet surfaced. Law enforcers have reportedly interviewed one and are on the lookout for the other.

Then, in recent days, a new development: a photo of Nichols turned up on what's described as a "Las Vegas escort-based website."

Continue for additional information about the search for Kara Nichols, including photos.

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There was not only a post on an escort website almost a month before she went missing in Denver, but the brunette that they were looking for also had a post on the same website.  While the Nevada post may not be legit, the Denver post had pictures that were not posted on her Model Mayhem profile (and were available nowhere else on the internet, so couldn't have been stolen) and were obvious cell phone pictures and were taken for obvious reasons.  This info coupled with the fact she was going to Denver at midnight for a "modeling gig", she was most likely working as a prositute and crossed paths with the wrong client.  I feel terrible for her family.

Chazz Razzlowski
Chazz Razzlowski

False lead. Some asshole who owns a site used her pics has happend to me.

Stephen At Half Aspen
Stephen At Half Aspen

Her story seems oddly lacking information on possible drug abuse. If she's a tweaker, anything's possible, but if someone murdered her we need to know and find that person.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@SeizeTheDay Interesting information, Seize -- and we echo you thoughts in regard to her family. Thanks for posting.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@SeizeTheDay  ... ain't Prostitution glamorous? ... just like the in the movie Pretty Woman...


@Stephen At Half Aspen My question is have they found her car ? Iam just assuming she had a car? What about tracking it ? If she did tabs would be due..its been  a few months. Strange to leave alone at that time of night ? Guess the last call to her phone was the person she was meeting ?

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