Knowshon Moreno to get shot as replacement Broncos runner? Or does it even matter?

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Denver blog posts have plenty to be thankful for.

Predominantly Orange's Eric Mergens delves into the Broncos' running back dilemma in the wake of Willis McGahee's knee injury and suggests that any of the RBs on the current roster should be able to compliment Peyton Manning's aerial attack.

Denver Egotist highlights Fin Art : A Creative Portrait -- Via Denver's Boyte Creative.

Square State's Zappatero reminds senators Udall and Bennet that job number one is jobs, not cuts.

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This is SOLELY out of convenience & NOT to be taken too serious . Moreno shot himself and all chances of becoming a contributor to ANY NFL team from the get-go w/ the Broncos,  immediately following being drafted . His work ethic SUCKS & he acted like a little bitch when not treated as the next Terrell Davis as he believed & we PRAYED he'd be . 

Denver IS in need of a temp back & offering it to a player fresh from the boot, while still as young as Knowshon, is nothing to get worked up about . Even if he DOES make the roster, five plays w/ 3 touches , TOPS ! Hillman is READY & has worked HARD for this chance and he will  NOT allow some immature punk as Moreno, to come in & steal the rock !

Elway doesn't care for him much to boot & HE RUNS THIS SHOW !

Well,  he along w/ the GREAT  Peyton Manning !!!

Get well Willis ! We'll ALL be waiting for your return following a 1st round bye in January !

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