Videos: Marijuana Amendment 64 meets the Last Twinkie on Earth

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Videos below.
Shocking but true: A number of video makers are linking the passage of Amendment 64 to the impending end of Hostess, manufacturer of the much-lauded Twinkie -- a move that will reportedly result in the closure of a Colorado plant and 160 jobs lost. Below, see three clips that make the connection, including one said to originate from Colorado Springs, but with dialogue that seems like the work of a malfunctioning translation bot.

Example? At one point, a character declares, "Colorado legalized pot-ay, but now there are no more Twinkies for them screaming blind munchies" (!)

Just for fun, we've also added Conan O'Brien's revelations about "Twinkie Trouble." Check them out here.

More from our Videos archive: "Marijuana: Rachel Maddow links Amendment 64 confusion to end of alcohol prohibition."

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I like the guy with nitrous voice, he kind of freaks me out. The third one was very emotional, I almost cried. I don't want to live in a world without Twinkies, and I'll never forgive the people who bought up all the goodness in my local stores before I could get my hands on one, you people suck. 

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