Marijuana: Amendment 64's Mason Tvert on Bill Maher's invite, advocate advice

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"I've co-authored a book about that," says Tvert, nodding to Marijuana is Safer: So Why are We Driving People to Drink?, which he penned with NORML's Paul Armentano and the Marijuana Policy Project's Steve Fox, who's credited with helping to shape A64's language. "That's the only theory I think is going to be relevant across the board in any locality or state. It's imperative that voters understand marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. Other than that, I think a campaign would depend on any number of other factors."

At this point, the volume of contacts from the national media is already winding down, Tvert says, with a recent Rachel Maddow piece linking Amendment 64 to alcohol prohibition standing as an exception. Yet he feels "it's going to continue to be something discussed by the media at the national and state and local levels, and that's a good thing."

As for Tvert's plans for the immediate future, they'll continue to focus on Amendment 64. "I'm still working on this effort," he says. "It's not done yet."

An example: Yesterday, Tvert issued a release on behalf of his fellow Amendment 64 proponents asking that prosecutors in Colorado stop filing cases involving adult marijuana possession, as Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett has done.

Continue to see the Amendment 64 release calling for DAs to stop pursuing adult marijuana possession prosecutions and Mason Tvert's appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

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As I see it, The Governor of Colorado is doing his best to stop admendment 64. That Being said, Maybe the words lack of confidence , recall should be looked at. the people of Coloradoin past admendment 64. Laws Change at a state level First then the federal government changes their laws. Look at the speed limit, seat belt laws, mandatory auto insurance, and yes even alcohol prohibition. The gay community has the right not to be discriminated against. The only right a pot smoker has is to go to JAIL

KathleenChippi topcommenter

"You're giving me way too much credit," Tvert says.


Cali doesn't want FAKE legalization laws polluting their existence ............they have already come together to prohibit what CO just passed from being welcome there.    Bill is on MPP"s 'advisory' no surprise there..........

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

California Activists and Pols will Drink Mendacious Mason's Milkshake !!


WHERE IS THE 6 MIN CONVERSATION HICKENPOOPER HAD WHITH THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ABOUT A64? A real journilist would be chasing that story.  What are you up to Michael?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter



Just Legalize Real Journalism in Colorado !!


Remember the "good old days" when Westward was a renowned Investigative Journalism rag ... and not the current advertorial fluffer fest it has become?



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