Video: Fake marijuana ad bums out Colorado Tourism Office

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Tourist attraction?
Has Colorado's official tourism effort gone to pot? A new video posted on YouTube suggests that, and it only makes sense: After all, not only did the state's voters approve Amendment 64, which makes recreational pot use legal in Colorado, but the state tourism office just hosted meetings on agritourism -- and making marijuana part of that push could grow this state lots of green.

"Let the recreation begin," concludes this video. The message is followed by a Colorado Tourism Office tag, complete with the state's 1-800-Colorado number.

Here's the clip:

But if you call that number, you'll find out that the Colorado Tourism Office did not create this ad, and has in fact requested that it be taken down (the European car company whose ad was lifted for the first part of the video wasn't too happy, either). And it was...for a while.

Catch it while you can.

In the meantime, here are five more potential tokin' tourism ideas we proposed in Off Limits this week:

1. Put a duty-free exchange station just off I-25 at the border of Colorado and Wyoming, where Coloradans can trade pot for fireworks and vice-versa. It's a smoking deal!

2. Forget Top Chef, even if Colorado still has two contestants on the tenth season of that reality show. If the state really wants to cook, it should sponsor Toke Chef as one of the attractions at our own inaugural Festival of Food and Cannabis, complete with demos that pair celebrity chefs with celebrity stoners to offer lessons on cooking with pot. Samples definitely included.

3. Plant pick-your-own agritourism farms around the state, with hayrides and face-painting for the kids. Could it really be a coincidence that the Colorado Tourism Office and the Colorado Department of Agriculture are currently hosting regional agritourism meetings around the state?

4. Create a real back-country bacchanal. For decades, skiers and boarders have left the slopes to visit the illicit smokeshacks that stoners have erected in the woods. Sure, it may seem mercenary to turn these monuments to camaraderie into money-grubbing attractions, but guided tours of these smokeshacks, complete with transportation and snacks, would create a real Rocky Mountain high. (And if snow continues to be disappointing, we can turn it into a hiking tour.)

5. Name the zoo's next two polar bears Cheeto and Goldfish.

More from our Calhoun: Wake-Up Call archive: "John Hickenlooper cites Cheetos, Goldfish when Amendment 64 passes: Official state munchies?"

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Derek Dwreck Wynn
Derek Dwreck Wynn

Amsterdam has made huge profits on Marijuana Tourism... It will come.

Joe Ponce de Carrano
Joe Ponce de Carrano

But when the cash starts flowing into Colorado instead of Mexico, that frown will turn upside down. It's capitalism bitches. Gaining market share is good...mmmmmkay???

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Derek Dwreck Wynn  -- Amsterdam is so sick of the lowlife pot clowns that sully their fine city just to get high that they're actively attempting to BAN pot tourism.

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