Marvin Joel Rosario-Lopez busted for 11th and Lincoln murder, victim Roland Smith ID'd (50)

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Graphic below.
Update: More information has emerged about the murder of Roland Smith, for which Marvin Joel Rosario-Lopez has been officially charged by the Denver District Attorney's Office.

Turns out that Smith, 47, was at The Hive, a club at 11th and Lincoln, to see his son's band play -- and another son was injured in the resulting melee.

The details come from CBS4, which quotes Smith's musician-son Dru as saying his dad hadn't previously seen him perform in public with his band, making the evening a "special night."

roland smith.jpg
Roland Smith in a photo from Facebook.
Unfortunately, circumstances turned tragic when a series of fights broke out just after 1 a.m. According to the station, these scraps moved into the street, with Smith winding up outside the venue as well. Amid the confusion, a man identified by police as Rosario-Lopez, who's said to have a length police record marked with drug arrests aplenty, pulled out a gun and fired, striking Smith with a fatal shot.

Smith's other son, Devin, was beaten badly enough during the battle that he had to undergo surgery. He's expected to make a full recovery physically, but the psychological wounds left on the brothers are much more profound.

In an interview with the outlet, Dru called the crime "senseless. All my daddy was doing was to come see me do what I love doing in life. Someone had to take him from us. But at least he got to see my dream before he went home."

Rosario-Lopez was detained by security guards at the scene, and he's now been formally slapped with two extremely serious counts: first-degree murder after deliberation and first-degree murder with extreme indifference.

Look below to see Rosario-Lopez's mug shot, followed by the CBS4 report and our earlier coverage.

marvin rosario lopez mug shot.jpg
Marvin Rosario-Lopez.

Continue for our previous coverage of Roland Smith's murder, including video and an interactive graphic.

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