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Surprisingly, the other discount strain, Super Lemon Haze, was among the top lookers in the shop. Under the scope, the bud looked like it had been bedazzled with amber globes on top of crystal-clear stems. It dried out a lot in the baggie I brought home, but cracking open the bud a week later reminded me of why I picked the tart, lemony buds to begin with. Like the Durban, it wasn't a mouthwateringly full flavor, but had enough taste to make a point. Where THC's Super Lemon Haze really impressed, though, was in potency. Small bowls of this well-balanced hybrid were great for taking the physical and mental edge off of a long day without tranq-darting the smoker straight to a couch nap.

THC inside old.jpg
During my visit, there were only four or five other strains, all priced at the top level of $10 a gram and $35 an eighth. Among them was a diesel-smelling Maui, an outdoor Cough that could have used a haircut (it was from a vendor), and an OG Kush that even the budtender warned me to stay away from ("Not this batch, man"). I always appreciate it when a budtender is that honest about the product. Instead, he pointed me to a stinky Blackwater Kush that was down to the last quarter of the jar and a more full sampling of the ChemWreck on display.

As the name of the latter implies, the smell out of the jar was a near half-and-half blend of citrus-sour Chemdawg and buttery pine-cone Trainwreck. While small and somewhat wispy, the calyxes were dusted in a fine silver mist of trichomes. Broken up, the buds left a pile of kief on my desk large enough to scrape up and put on top of the bowl I had packed in the vape. Everything went smooth through the vape, and I got a lot of the Trainwreck flavor. It burned on the harsh side through a dry pipe, however. Like a distant freight train coming closer, the buzz crept up on me for a minute or two but then blew in quickly and left me spacey and numb for an evening, culminating in a log-sawing-night's sleep.

HerbalCenter Super Lemon Haze.JPG
Super Lemon Haze.
On the plus side, literally, my grams all weighed out a half-gram over. So, for the price of three grams, I walked out with 4.5 grams. My budtender told me that was always the case at THC. "If we throw a few extra buds on there and the scale comes up over, we usually just let you have it," he said while weighing out my order.

In all, it was a short visit. In and out without any meaningless chit-chat. I get the feeling that most of the people that stop by there probably don't give a shit about that stuff anyway and really just want to pick up some cheap herb and be on their way. The main draw for THC is its highly visible spot at one of Denver's more famously cannabis-green street corners -- which the low, low prices and spotty bud selection validate. But the few strains we brought home were worth our trip down Broadway to save a few bucks.

Herbalcenter chemwreck.JPG
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These guys (and one gal) are crooks. They run the joint like an asian fast food hole in the wall (seriously- if you walk past the main lobby through the cheesy curtain, you'll find a throng of asian workers trimming bud and eating fried chicken).  The bud is hijacked from vendors and sold under the table. Highly recommended if you're linked with the triad or you simply don't give a hang about real medicine.


Theyre close by, I ll have to check them out...Nice review William....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


Make up a story about chronic pain, go see a quack pot doc for a recommendation, send $35 to the State Registry.

Easy peasy.

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