Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division considering rule changes, wants public input

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Have a problem with the state Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division? Got ideas about what needs to change? Great. Get in line. Last week, the MMED announced upcoming public talks on how to streamline the existing medical marijuana retail program.

There's no draft agenda yet, and things are still pretty vague. But a news release says the MMED hopes to evaluate which areas of the industry need more regulation and which need less.

A list of preliminary proposed rules will be available December 3 on the MMED website, and for the next 25 days, the department will accept written comments on the proposed rule changes, as well as suggestions about what the actual language should be. By December 28, the MMED will release draft language. The first chance for public comment will be early next year, on January 11 at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

And this time around, the MMED says there will be no advisory committee.

"The division is hopeful that opening the discussion beyond the designated advisory panel will encourage the participation of those with valuable and constructive input," officials said in a press release "Before the meetings, the division will release the agenda and general guidelines for constructive participation."

Other public "stakeholder forums" will be held on February 15 and March 22, both at the Jeffco Courthouse. The final proposal will be made public on April 2.

Here's the MMED's rule-making document:

Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division Rule Making Guidelines

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Since the MMED welcomes child molesters to work in the industry with open arms, but somebody with a marijuana related felony isn't allowed to make an honest living in this industry....I'd say there needs to be many changes


This is excellent, good job MMED!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Rule #1 = Disband the MMED

Rule #2 = see rule #1


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@jenkem  ... even convicted murderers are approved by MMED after 5 years ... but ex-offenders with any marijuana or drug felony are banned for LIFE!

More proof that ... REGULATION WORKS !!

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