Reader: Mike Coffman and other reps really need to reach across the aisle this time

Mike Coffman.
Our post about Mike Coffman's narrow but decisive victory over Joe Miklosi in the 6th Congressional District noted that even seemingly vulnerable candidates (Coffman was blistered nationwide over birther comments and poor spin control) are hard to defeat thanks to the power of incumbency. That frustrated one reader, who hopes the recent vogue of promoting bipartisanship isn't just lip service.

ColoradoVoter writes:

Coffman and his backers ran a dirty campaign that flat made up lies about Miklosi. It would be one thing to lose a fair fight, but this one was heavily financed with outside money and campaigns like this make all of us in Colorado dirty by association. The presidential election may have eclipsed congressional races, but the President needs a Congress he can work with, and I am sorry that there will be more Mike Coffman wasting time and blocking real progress in DC. Coffman is truly a pitiful representation of Colorado and all the hardworking folks here.

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The problem with the beginning of IZen's comment is that Mike Coffman was NOT the incumbent for more than half the voters in the new 6th CD.  "Shameful misinformation" as written by IZen and "Coffman and his backers ran a dirty campaign that flat made up lies about Miklosi." by ColoradoVoter are -- as courtroom lawyers would say -- facts not in evidence.  It was 9News, who will never be confused as a friend of Coffman, who kept labeling Miklosi's attack ads as "false and misleading."  The worst they ever said about Coffman's ads were "needs context."  Where IZen was right on the mark was with the way Miklosi looked "formulated in his ads, and didn't really connect" with voters.  That's why he lost.  Constituents didn't know him and he had no connection with the new district he only lived in for nine months.


Chock it up to the power of incumbency and shameful misinformation combined with a challenger that often came across as meek in person, formulated in his ads, and didn't really connect.

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