Twenty most memorable mug shots of October 2012

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October brought Colorado some of the most horrific crimes in recent years, as well as accompanying images that are seared in our collective memory. But there were also plenty of unusual, strange or unsettling reports that may have gotten lost in the shuffle. See the twenty memorable mug shots they spawned, and be sure to click on the captions or links to read our original coverage.

billy joe delacey mug shot.jpg
Billy Joe Delacey.
Read more in "Billy Joe Delacey indicted in murder of male escort he met on Craigslist."

dennis esquibel mug shot.jpg
Dennis Esquibel.
Read more in "Laura McDermott hit and run: Police report says Dennis Esquibel admitted driving in fatal crash."

james kenneth rodgers mug shot.jpg
James Kenneth Rodgers.
Read more in "James Rodgers, sex offender, sentenced for groping a blind woman."

daniel stewart cooper mug shot.jpg
Daniel Stewart Cooper.
Read more in "Daniel Cooper, shmuck, seems pleased to have been busted for up to 100 burglaries."

Continue to see more of our twenty most memorable mug shots of October 2012.

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