Photos: Barack Obama's Aurora rally makes final push for "real change"

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On Saturday, Romney frequently returned to a theme of "bipartisanship," which also underscored some of Obama's peech last night. But while Obama spoke of working with both political parties, the president did not offer the same kind of grand, sweeping promise of bipartisanship that Romney presented one night earlier. And Obama did not shy away from conflicts he has faced with the Republican Party, either. Instead, he embraced them as signs of his strong moral compass and his unwillingness to compromise his values -- all the while reiterating that he, too, wants to reach across the aisle.

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Photo by Brandon Marshall
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"The fact is, what we're describing is not partisan. It doesn't have to be. We're not Democrats or Republicans first. We're Americans first," he said. "I will work with anybody of any party to move this country forward. If you want to break the gridlock in Congress, you'll vote for leaders who feel the same way...whether they're Democrats, Republicans, independents -- people who put their constituencies first."

But, he added, "sometimes there's gonna be conflict. Sometimes bringing about change is gonna butt up against the status quo. And we've got to be willing to fight for what we believe in and what we care about and what's built this country. If the price of peace in Washington is cutting deals that will take students off of financial aid or get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood or let insurance companies discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions...I'm not willing to pay that price. That's not bipartisanship. That's not real change. That's surrender...and I'm not ready to give up."

Supporter James Dixon, 55, said he believes the president needs to continue to remind voters that he is the candidate who actually cares about average Americans during the final stretch before the election.

"What Barack is saying is, you are you brother's keeper, and that's his message," said Dixon, an artist who lives in Aurora. "He's not talking about the 47 percent. He's not using class warfare to divide this country."

He aded that Obama will continue to accomplish great things -- whether he wins or not.

"I believe Barack has learned that maybe he can do more good outside of the beltway, when he's not entrenched in politics," he added. "On the outside, he can really make a difference. People aren't really saying that, but that gives me a little hope."

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Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens

The Westword being a credible source for something other than concert times.

Alfredo Abad Jr.
Alfredo Abad Jr.

having Republicans and Libertarians shut up and work together with Democrats.

Scott Amelang
Scott Amelang

The "Real Change"....Will begin tomorrow when Mitt is elected our 45th POTUS...BO must GO..!!

Harusami Is
Harusami Is

Real change will happen once the filibustering, blithering obstructionist, teabagging idiots are fired from Congress.

Don Finley
Don Finley

O- not the change I was referring to before, change as in the kind of change we can't tell you about until AFTER we pass the bill kinda change. You know, "Trust me" kinda change! lol difficult to believe people take this guy seriously.

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