Colorado for Obama v. Colorado for Romney: Vote for which campaign has the tackiest crap

colorado for obama cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
At last it's election day, and the end of a very long nightmare -- by which I mean being inundated by the campaign, which has focused more than ever before on Colorado. As proof, peruse the following collection of random Colorado-centric items touting the candidates. What are the tackiest? We leave that vote to you. But unless we have a ballot-counting nightmare as in 2000, at least half of them will be out of date by this time tomorrow. Check them out below.

colorado for obama 1.jpg

colorado for romney 1.jpg

colorado for obama 2.jpg

colorado for romney 2.JPG
Continue to see more tacky "Colorado for Obama" and "Colorado for Romney" crap.

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Kristian Cee
Kristian Cee

No, but I stockpiled a bunch of Obama swag in 2008 to sell in another 30 years.

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