Peyton Manning's comeback versus Bengals echoes Tim Tebow? Not exactly

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The next time he got the ball, Manning put on his Peyton Face and got to work on redemption, quickly engineering a scoring drive set up by a thirty yarder to Decker and paid off via a one-yard toss to Joel Dreessen. Then, after Bailey got some redemption of his own by grabbing a Dalton heave meant for Green, he dialed up McGahee, whose lack of success earlier had still managed to wear down the Bengals D, then hit Decker for another touchdown, putting Cincinnati into an eleven-point hole from which the team couldn't escape.

The results weren't nearly as suspenseful as the Tebow comebacks of last season. In fact, there wasn't much suspense at all. Although Manning had thrown two interceptions, there was never a moment when Denver fans doubted his ability to reverse these curses -- and he didn't need unwise prevent defenses and other mental errors on the part of his opponents to do it. He may not have performed as flawlessly as last week versus the Saints, but he's still playing at a very high level, ensuring that the Broncos came out of what seemed like a trap game with another W.

That, Timmy, is how it's done.

Look below to see excerpts of Manning, Bailey and Brandon Stokley at the post-game press conference, followed by a clip of Holliday's amazing kickoff return.

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Enough of the fraud Tebow articles already.  He is a one-hit wonder, and a burning meteorite that already streaked across sky and has vanished.  He is a moot point.  Denver has the best, perhaps the best ever in Manning, and in a complete team effort, we saw what has been done more times with him in setting yet another record, this time for fourth quarter comebacks.  Tebow ?  He is so moribund he is buried on the bench behind the hapless Sanchez, and Tebow is likely headed to his third team within 11-12 months when he traded before the '13 NFL Draft on his way to the CFL or Arena Football League by 2014.  Tebow is like a Kardasian, all style (and even that is strongly questionable) and no substance.  There are many reasons why he was firmly a flash in the pan.

Matt Leising
Matt Leising

We don't need a full back trying to play quarter back. Peyton all the way

Peter Dunn
Peter Dunn

Tim who? You mean an Elway-style comeback?

Jevan Russell
Jevan Russell

Why is this even a question? Lol Of course Peyton!!! Although Tebow was the most exciting time in my 25 year football fan history.

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