Photos: Pit bull lovers show off their pets during author/advocate Ken Foster's Denver stop

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Fans stand with Ken Foster while displaying photos of their pit bulls.

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Tattered Cover Colfax Avenue

2526 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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I'm a proud, responsible Rottie' owner who sympathizes w/ ALL Pit Bull owners who get AUTOMATICALLY classified by cat lovers !

People who hate or fear the breed have never owned one !


A huge thanks to Ken Foster for coming--he said a lot of things that needed to be heard, about treating dogs as individuals and not allowing our passions boil over to conflict, which doesn't help the cause. I was very moved by what he had to say, and I hope it makes a difference. His book is BEAUTIFUL and should be picked up by everyone and shared! And thank you to Westword for promoting his appearance, the book and bringing the BSL issues to the media in a sensible way.

Dzsesszika Flowers
Dzsesszika Flowers

Not having them and not being allowed to have them are very different things.

Meredith Thomas
Meredith Thomas

A ban is not the answer. Any dog can have unpredictable behavior. I'm so glad he came through here. A

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