Romney votes in Colorado might count for Obama? RNC, officials on computer glitch

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The Republican National Committee has sent a letter to six states, including Colorado, warning of "voting machine errors" that could cause a vote intended for Mitt Romney to go to Barack Obama. But according to several Colorado election officials, there's no reason to be concerned -- and they don't believe any votes have gone to the wrong candidate.

Late yesterday afternoon, the RNC sent Colorado reporters a press release highlighting its requests to correct voting machine irregularities in six states. Officials were calling for immediate action regarding "voting machines populating a vote for Barack Obama when the voter desired to cast a ballot for Mitt Romney," the press release said.

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Sam Levin
Romney-Ryan rally bus at a recent early vote campaign stop.
The attached letter, from John Phillippe, chief counsel, for the RNC, is addressed to Colorado's Republican Secretary of State, Scott Gessler, as well as officials from Nevada, Ohio, Kansas, North Carolina and Missouri.

It says in part:

I write regarding the media and citizen reports of voting machine errors taking place in your states. I understand that, in a significant number of cases, voting machines in your states have populated a vote for Barack Obama when a voter cast his or her ballot for Mitt Romney. I further understand that the causes of this problem are varied, and include miscalibration and hyper-sensitivity of the machines.
The letter, on view below, calls for officials to re-calibrate all voting machines on the morning of election day or the day before, and also requests they make arrangements for additional technicians in the case of increased problems with calibration. The letter also asks that officials prominently post signs reminding voters to double-check that the machines are properly recording their submissions.

An RNC spokesman says the main concern in Colorado stems from a Grand Junction Daily Sentinel piece from last Tuesday in which a voter complained that the machine was recording his vote incorrectly.

The RNC official tells us that this article is the primary source regarding Colorado problems. The issue is considered to be ongoing.

However, Sheila Reiner, the clerk and recorder for Mesa County, where this issue took place, says the situation is much ado about nothing. She adds that she remains very confident in the technology. Additionally, she says that every voter has been able to correctly vote for their candidate of choice.

"There was one instance with a voter not being happy with the way the touch screen responded to his finger," says Reiner, referring to the case covered by the Daily Sentinel.

Continue for more on the case in Mesa County and response from Scott Gessler's office.

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This article was released on 11/02/2012 by http:/ I could not post the full article so I suggest that you check it out. 


5. And then there is the matter of alleged Romney ties to the second-biggest voting machine manufacturer in America. These connections are being minimized by Internet outlets like Snopes, but the straight truth is that Hart Intercivic, the firm that supplies two-thirds of Colorado counties with their voting machines, is now owned by a spin-off of Bain & Company (H.I.G. Capital).(4)  A majority of Hart's directors are now H.I.G. guys, and the directors of H.I.G. are Romney bundlers and donors who don't hedge their bets by donating to any other presidential candidate.  This isn't the first time Romney has had his buddies in charge of crucial election processes this year. Some weeks after the misreported figures in the Iowa caucus, which incorrectly cited Romney as the winner, Black Box Voting uncovered that Romney staffers had been brought in to run the Iowa Caucus, and the Nevada Caucus too. Besides heading Romney campaign functions, these guys were associated with an odious Colorado political firm which narrowly escaped prosecution for maliciously misleading political ads.(5)  And the Romney affiliation with Hart Intercivic doesn't rule out his buddies -- or Obama's buddies -- or George Soros -- or the Chinese, for that matter -- owning the other companies. Election Systems & Software (ES&S) does not reveal who its owners are, and we don't know who owns Dominion either. ES&S directly handles voting machines in three Colorado counties; it co-produces elections on the old Diebold equipment with Dominion, with ES&S supplying technicians in some U.S. locations and Dominion in others. Dominion owns Sequoia Voting Systems (or does it? No one seems to be quite sure...), used in large metro Denver County and in Pueblo.(6) Confused? American elections are now so far removed from the hands of the people that self-governance is just a memory. 

6. Romney's business buddies owning Colorado's main voting machine company demonstrates, at the very least, an appearance of impropriety, but it carries with it something more: Actual opportunity to alter results.  Unlike most Diebold voting machine locations, whose county technicians set up each election using voting company software, Hart has its customers send files directly to Texas, where its programmers and technicians have their way with the files, sending them back to the counties to put in their voting machines. This centralized control point does in fact enable tampering with results from a remote location. Paper ballots? Well, not all Colorado counties even have them, but thanks to Donetta Davidson and her cronies, they are off limits for human examination and will be interpreted only by the Hart machines.  The Hart system has built-in secret functions in its system, discovered by researchers in the Everest Study commissioned by then-Ohio Sec. State Jennifer Bruner. "Undocumented functions" are accessed through the registry, geek territory for most of us but accessible by any administrator. Voting systems are supposed to be certified and they are not supposed to contain "undocumented functions" accessible through sophisticated built-in back doors into the registry. These are certainly not accidental and not even the researchers for the EVEREST study were able to determine what these functions do.(7) 



RobertChase topcommenter

We should take this feint as evidence of the Republicans' plans to steal this election:  the RNC is asserting that voting machines themselves are biased in favor of Obama in order to vitiate a possible investigation after they falsify the votes on the machines they themselves own to give the election to Romney.  The articles revealing that Republicans linked to Romney actually own voting machines do not raise the question of how that could possibly be so, so enured to the idiocy that public assets should be private have we become.  Only a nation of fools would allow a fascist political party to obtain physical control over the means of voting!.


I wish gessler and the rnc  were as concerned about the young girl committing voter registration fraud as a representative of romney's hand-picked voter team of sproul and associates, now under federal investigation in FL and VA...the concern for what happened in CO - not so  much.

Thanks scottie - you punk bitch.


Great, the dip-shit Romney is already planning to claim voter fraud before it even starts. We won't find out who's president Nov 6th. Both of them will demand a re-count if they lose. Bush won without being elected, Romney is hoping for the same I guess.


Amazing! what Romney is going to do if a voter gone into the voting boot intended to vote for Romney, but at the very last second he decided to vote for Obama.  Would Romney go to court claiming the vote was supposed to be his because the voter had Romney in his/her mind first?


 @dajyashus no. but your comment would have been about some retarded republican scandal if the issue with the machines was in favor of romney getting votes. ...such a tolerant liberal you are. you should be proud.  

and when the article is about machine malfunction then you come from left field commenting about a change of mind equating the same problem nobody is going to take you seriously, and you should go have another joint.

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