Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: Cloud essential oil personal vaporizer

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Now and then, companies send us medical marijuana-related products ranging from vaporizers to board games to books. We showcase them in our quasi-regular product review section, Stoner MacGyver.

The latest? Cloud essential oil personal vaporizers.

What is it, dude? The Cloud. It's a small personal vaporizer that you can use with "essential oils" (hash oil and solventless wax).

How much coin will it run me? $75 or so, depending on where you pick it up.

Where can I get one?, and a handful of dispensaries around Colorado.

cloud top shot.JPG
This week at Stoner MacGyver, we're taking a look at one of the hotter personal vapes out there right now, The Cloud. I've seen a lot of people hyping this thing on Facebook as the answer to portable hash oil vaporizing and have been curious for weeks as to how well it really works.

The folks over at sent this unit for review, assuring us that it was Stoner MacGyver worthy and we would quickly become Cloud converts. They were right: We haven't been apart from our Cloud since we got it.

Other vapes we've reviewed are based on the same platform, but they use pre-loaded and self-heating cartridges to do all of the work. You never actually see what is being heated. The Cloud does away with all of that. There are no cartridges to buy and replace (or fill up on your own with a CO2 oil syringe). Instead, the Cloud allows users to put their concentrate of choice directly on the exposed heating element.

cloud top.JPG
For this week's Completely Unscientific test, we packed up the Cloud with a variety of waxes and hashes to see how well the tiny, four-inch device performed.

Using the Cloud is simple and straight-forward. You pull off the mouthpiece, throw a Tic-Tac sized chunk of wax on top of the heating element, put the tightly fitted cap back on and push the button for up to fifteen seconds of straight oil vapor.

Shatter oil works, too (although I found it was best to heat up the pipe just a little before loading it to help the shatter melt down into position), and so does bubble hash, but nowhere near as well. The plant in even the most waxy solventless icewater hash can start to gunk thinks up quickly.

Unlike the glycerin-based vaporizers that I've tried, which deliver a paltry dosing, the Cloud puts out a satisfyingly strong hit of cannabis oil every time. You can get a good ten to fifteen small hits out of filling the thing to the brim with wax if you go easy on it, or you can really let the thing rip for fifteen seconds and pretty much take a skillet-sized, eye-popping dab all at once. Of course, the chamber-less design of the Cloud does mean you're also carrying around a jar of wax with you. That's okay though, since most of you oil heads are doing that anyway.

Continue for more of Stoner Mac's Cloud review.

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William Breathes - These pieces you're writing are not only informative but sometimes hilariously entertaining as well.   "Stoner McGiver ..."   :D


I remember when you started @ Westword I always read your dispensary reviews (I wrote you once and found 2 good ones that way) 

but the fact that you've hung around this long and are still doing good, entertaining and *helpful* / informative writing on mmj is worthy of some kudos.


☮ from an aging hippy musician


ps - I don't currently do wax but I may actually try one of these things.   I hope one of my dispensaries  (e.g. 14er in Boulder) has some good hybrid-strain wax that "medicates" but doesn't blow my head off.   :D


 @Mnizzle Wow ! He 'DOES' have a fan ....

I don't understand how & why this guy gets print not to mention paid .

Meanwhile , Robert Chase's regular , INFORMATIVE contributions REMAIN taken for granted !....

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