Stoner MacGyver marijuana product review: Cloud essential oil personal vaporizer

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Another bonus is the size. It's thinner than a Bic lighter, shorter than an Iphone is long, and is easily concealable for those of you who have the need to medicate in stealth mode. The cloud also comes in a veritable rainbow of colors, including bright pink and chrome. Charging is easy with the included wall charger, which also connects to a USB port.

cloud filled.JPG
The Cloud is not without it's flaws, however. For starters, the heating element is essentially a little nichrome (nickel/chrome/iron alloy) coil that gets red hot really quickly. Initially, it can smell like burning wire, but after a few dabs run through the thing, the flavor mellowed out. Still, a ceramic element of some kind would be much better choice. Also, the combination of having the heating element just an inch from the mouthpiece, as well as the small size of the expansion chamber, also means you're getting a pretty hot hit of vapor to the lungs. If you're only used to smoking oil out of a bubbler, you'll notice that right away.

The other drawback is literally a draw back: Puffing on the thing is not as free-flowing as puffing on other vapes, like a Volcano bag or a Silver Surfer wand. Comparatively, toking on the Cloud is like pulling on a tightly-rolled joint. But the flip side is that you don't need a lot of hits -- and neither must you take huge hits, as with glycerine-based vaporizers. The trade-off is that the hits you blow don't have the ambiguous scent associated with glycerin vapes, and anyone around you is going to know what you're puffing on.

But those problems are minimal in the overall scheme of things, and the Cloud's functionality makes it far and above the best oil-specific vaporizer I've tried to date. For $75, it's a worthwhile investment for those of you chained to your blowtorch and oil bubblers at home wanting a more portable alternative.

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William Breathes - These pieces you're writing are not only informative but sometimes hilariously entertaining as well.   "Stoner McGiver ..."   :D


I remember when you started @ Westword I always read your dispensary reviews (I wrote you once and found 2 good ones that way) 

but the fact that you've hung around this long and are still doing good, entertaining and *helpful* / informative writing on mmj is worthy of some kudos.


☮ from an aging hippy musician


ps - I don't currently do wax but I may actually try one of these things.   I hope one of my dispensaries  (e.g. 14er in Boulder) has some good hybrid-strain wax that "medicates" but doesn't blow my head off.   :D


 @Mnizzle Wow ! He 'DOES' have a fan ....

I don't understand how & why this guy gets print not to mention paid .

Meanwhile , Robert Chase's regular , INFORMATIVE contributions REMAIN taken for granted !....

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