The dispute over a Black Hawk bike ban heads to the Colorado Supreme Court

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The opening brief of the petitioners.
2012-01-23 Opening Brief of Petitioners

The answer brief of Black Hawk.
2012-02-22 Answer Brief of Respondent City of Black Hawk

The reply brief of the petitioners.
2012-03-15 Reply Brief of Petitioners

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Nicole Mills
Nicole Mills

You can thank all the encouraged growth to this state. Transplants do not respect Colorado culture.

Don Finley
Don Finley

You can't tie your horse up out front of the Casino either... get over yourselves bicyclists.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

No More FREE RIDES for Bicyclists !!


1) Mandatory Registration and Use taxes, just like Trucks, Cars, Motorcycles and Mopeds.


 2) Mandatory Licensing of Cyclists --  they should be forced to PASS A TEST showing they know the LAWS regarding Safe Bike operation on public roadways. 


3) Mandatory License Plates to prove the above, identify the owners and make catching scofflaws -- like those who run through red lights and stop signs -- easier. 


4) Mandatory Liability Insurance to protect innocent citizens from any harm or damage cyclists may cause.


If they wont comply with the above, then let them ride on their own PRIVATE property and not the PUBLIC Roadways!





Yea while were at it all people who ride scooters and skateboards and any vehicle should be required to do the same! Also people should get all of the above too because if they trip and harm others in public we need insurance for them to pay damages. While we are at it everyone should have to do whatever police officers or any official Government Employee for the Public Good. We should all just be guilty and prove our innocence because if you are not guilty then there is nothing to worry about. Why do we have private enterprise? We should just have the Government make everything so we know it is safe, they will make us 100% safe from ourselves and others. There should not be private property because what if someone does something on their private property but it causes damages on another privately owned property? If we just had a policeman in every house we could finally all be safe and not worry about these damn people hurting others and we can get rid of insurance! Hell yea why not those greedy bastards have been screwing the American Public and it is time for some payback.


I do find the point about making sure they know the laws interesting because not one of you knows all the cyclist laws. Not one person in the world. Sure you can look them up but you don't know them right now on the spot. No car owner, not a single one knows all the laws of the road. Again no one in the world knows all the laws just related to cars let alone rules of the road. Not a single person knows all the laws of a single city, or town let alone State laws in the US. Not one in the world. Clearly we don't have enough if one single person didn't find them important enough to learn all of them for a town let alone the state they live in, we need to make it so everyone has a motive to know every law and follow them.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @Asdf  @DonkeyHotay  @justinnet 


According to the Stoners who just defiled the Constitution with Amendment 64 -- Regulation Works !!


They even claim that STRICT Regulation Works Better!!




@DonkeyHotay @justinnet What are your proposals for motorized traffic? Mandatory sobriety ignigition locks? Lifetime driving ban for DUI? Mandatory monitoring equipment to provide evidence in case of accident? Annual recertifications to maintain licensing? Motorized vehicles are clearly more dangerous and require more regulation.

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