Tom Martino rips Westword and ex-pal suing him, questions reporter's balls

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Tom Martino.
Update:No one can accuse consumer advocate and self-described Troubleshooter Tom Martino of backing down from a fight. The KHOW radio personality, who made headlines last year after filing for bankruptcy, reacted to a post updating a lawsuit filed by a former friend he described as a "waste of skin" by dismissing he ex-pal as mentally ill, branding Westword "substandard" and questioning the integrity of this reporter. Details below.

Our post noted that Sheldon Chrysler, who confesses to what he calls "mental health issues," is suing Martino for harassment regarding phone calls and e-mails that refer to him as a "bitter, selfish, evil person" and a "dirt bag," among other things; get more information in the update, seen below.

In response, Martino sent yours truly a letter implying that Westword's coverage of what he sees as a non-story is part of an unsuccessful campaign to bring him down. Along the way, aspersions are cast on Chrysler and the newspaper as a whole, among other things.

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A Martino image from a previous iteration of his website,
Some clarifications about claims made in the note: Martino's letter implies that the post below was published as part of a physical media column, The Message, which hasn't appeared in print since 2008. In addition, the e-mail excerpts about which he complains initially turned up in this space in March. When he was asked for a response to Chrysler's suit and allegations at that time, he asked that a blog post explaining his point of view be printed in its entirety, which it was -- and the same item was also included here.

Here's Martino's letter, followed by interrogatories from the case provided by Chrysler. (The latter are handwritten, because Chrysler does not have an attorney at this time.) Below them is the previous update.

Tom Martino letter:


I know we have had our differences in he past but your recent articles concerning Sheldon Chrysler's lawsuit against me (for intentional infliction of emotional distress) is nothing short of schlock gossip goading. Even a paper as substandard as Westword must, at the very least, have some modicum of journalistic integrity?

After reading your stuff, It doesn't take long to figure out why newspapers, like Westword, are dying across the country. Throwing color on it, changing the size and calling it a magazine can't prevent its inevitable demise.

How do you justify publishing e-mails from self-admitted mentally ill people (such as Chrysler) and making it seem like it's some kind of news or legitimate fodder your your column? Even by your own low standards, it seems wrong.

Is it really your modus operandi to simply take statements and e-mails on face value and publish them? Without taking any time to research truth, validity and circumstances?

Case in point: In numerous court documents and in deposition, Mr. Chrysler claimed to be clinically depressed and mentally disabled. Did it occur to you that his condition could also cause him to be paranoid, or see things in an exaggerated way or just plain false? Did it ever occur to you that you could be doing more harm than good when it comes to really helping him? (Yes, I get it -- you want to make me look bad. But at his expense?)

Case in point: DId you know that he has been mostly unemployed for the better part of 20-years and when he did have employment he was often fired or let go? If you researched this, you would see that I had nothing to do with his problems in that regard.

Case in point: Did you know that Chrysler has missed dozens (if not more) house payments over the past twenty-years, which lead to his foreclosure? If you researched this, you would see that I had nothing to do with his problems in that regard.

Case in point: Did you know that Chrysler inherited his commercial building free and clear many years ago? And that he continually put loans on it to meet his normal living expenses? And that I warned him NOT to keep refinancing it because he would eventually lose it? If you researched this, you would see that I had nopthing to do with his problems in that regard.

Case in point: Did you know that Chris Kane did not want to give him a loan on his building but Chrysler came to my office incessantly begging him for the loan because he was about to lose the building? Did you know, even after Chrysler defaulted on the loan to Chris Kane, Kane did not want to foreclose and gave him several chances to refinance it? Did you know that Kane eventually sold the "note" because he did not want to foreclose? And did you know the guy who bought the note also gave Chrysler a chance to repay it? If you researched this, you would see that neither Chris Kane or I have anything to do with his problems in that regard.

But you see, if you wrote the facts behind and surrounding Chrysler's story, it would not be so juicy. It would not make me look bad. So you continue to be lazy and call it journalism.

It is just too easy for you to publish statements, e-mails and accusations without any research or background checking. Isn't it?

It is too easy for you to simply toss your missiles and arrows without regard for truth. Isn't it?

You take solace in that "Hey, I'm not saying these things...I am simply reporting them." -- as you've told me in the past.

Good for you Mr. Roberts.

For years you have been taking shots at me. I'm still here. And now you've resorted to exploiting someone who is self-admittedly, mentally ill.

How about publishing my e-mail in it's entirely? Got the balls?

Sheldon Chrysler Interrogatories in Tom Martino Lawsuit

Continue to read our previous update of the Sheldon Chrysler lawsuit against Tom Martino.

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Tom Fartino = Super Loser




Hey Tom , which guns works BEST for suicide purposes ?

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Dave Logan - Top / Tom Martino - Bottom

After all Martino is a wannabe Gerado Herrera !

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Bill Knox
Bill Knox

That dude is such a friggin' joke, as well as a colossal prick ...if you're pissin' him off, you must be doing it right.

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Bob Pearce

So, I take it that you will NOT be on the Referral List?

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