Tom Martino rips Westword and ex-pal suing him, questions reporter's balls

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Original post, 9:58 a.m. November 15: In March, we told you about a lawsuit filed against bankrupt consumer advocate Tom Martino by Sheldon Chrysler, an ex-friend who Martino described as a "waste of skin" -- and he subsequently sued Chris Kane, a former Martino associate who fronts Haystack Help, a consumer-advocacy website with a TV component on CBS4. But with the Martino court date just a month away, Chrysler has no lawyer and is fearful he'll be overwhelmed by the Troubleshooter's superior resources.

"I've never been as discouraged and disappointed in my life as I am now," Chrysler writes via e-mail. "I can't seem to get anything to work for me."

sheldon chrysler book image.jpg
From Sheldon Chrysler's book.
As we've reported, Chrysler describes himself as being "a victim of multiple economic crimes," as well as being "an 'at risk' disabled senior citizen and military veteran...dealing with mental health issues" prompted in part by the passing of his twin brother, Barry. Sheldon lionized his sibling in a book entitled Life After Death of My Twin and Their FBI Story, with the latter referring to an investigation into the activities of Everett Francis Wann, who stole airline parts the brothers unwittingly resold through a business they operated. As is detailed in the 1994 Westword feature "Returning From Parts Unknown," the Chryslers lost an estimated $667,000 in their dealings with Wann.

His suit against Martino accuses the consumer advocate and radio host of harassment via phone calls and e-mails over a series of years. Here's an example of one such e-mail, from May 2009:

By the way. Fuck you for believing a piece of shit over a friend of 20 years. It is no wonder you ruined your relationship with your twin. Don't blame Ron. It was all you. You are a negative failure and should deal with it.
Even more hard-edged is this Martino-composed missive from October 2011:

I regret ever knowing you. You are a two-faced piece of shit.

I found out that you continue to perpetrate your lies about me being the "master-mind" behind that loan you got with Chris Kane. You even tries to get me in trouble with the US Department of Justice during my bankruptcy.

What a pitiful sorry pieve of shit you are.

You are a lonely, nasty, grumpy excuse for a human and a waste of skin.

I am sorry you got involved with Kane and it resulted in you losing your building. But I had nothing to do with it. How dare you try to ruin me and my family. But you will not prevail. I have never lied to you or anyone. I live my life by that code.

I have helped countless people -- including you. Or do you forget the loans I made you? Did you forget the $3,000 I GAVE you?

Your entire life has been living off of others. You think you have helped so many people and that you are selfless. But you are a sorry piece of shit.

I never want to see or hear from you again. My wife and I were shocked that you would try to ruin us in our darkest hour. But it during times like this that you get to know who your real friends are.

You are not my friend. And you are not a fried to anyone.

You are a bitter, selfish, evil person to the core.

That is why your brother died hating you. That is why everyone talks behind your back and know what a dirt bag you are.

I WAS your friend. Thank God I found out what you sare really made of -- shit -- to the core. I hope I never see you face to face. You won't like the results.


Continue to read more about Sheldon Chrysler's lawsuit against Tom Martino.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Tom Fartino = Super Loser




Hey Tom , which guns works BEST for suicide purposes ?

Demonstration PLEASE ???!!!???


Dave Logan - Top / Tom Martino - Bottom

After all Martino is a wannabe Gerado Herrera !

Both I believe still sharing time swinging from Romney's nut-sack !

Bill Knox
Bill Knox

That dude is such a friggin' joke, as well as a colossal prick ...if you're pissin' him off, you must be doing it right.

Bob Pearce
Bob Pearce

So, I take it that you will NOT be on the Referral List?

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