Videos: Von Miller, Broncos survive overlooking the Kansas City Chiefs

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The formula entailed keeping the Chiefs out of the end zone -- with a big assist from Quinn -- and cobbling together two touchdown drives. In the first, Manning supplemented some decent runs by Moreno (who had a surprisingly productive game marred only by some unnecessary showboating) with a big strike to Stokley and a key completion to Jacob Tamme, who pushed the ball over the goal line by sheer determination. In the second, yardage by Moreno and Ronnie Hillman set up one deep ball that worked -- a thirty yarder to Demaryius Thomas of the sort most fans expected to see several times on Sunday, not just once.

These scores, plus a late boot by Prater that still didn't make up for his earlier misfires, proved to be enough to beat the Chiefs -- but very few others. If Denver lays this kind of egg in its next game, against the resurgent Tampa Bay Bucs, the current streak will be over in a heartbeat. Here's hoping everyone involved realizes that, and does something about it.

Look below to see three videos: a locker-room interview with Moreno, an ESPN analysis featuring Cris Carter and a CBS Sports feature on Miller and other key defenders, none of whom showered themselves in glory on Sunday.

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Noe De Leon
Noe De Leon

It was a walk in the park. Broncos had it the whole time. Broncos!!!!!

Legen Dairy
Legen Dairy

No the chiefs suck we made to many damn mistakes. And the Denver Broncos got complacent coming into the game.

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