William Costello's assault on an elderly man leads to DNA test -- and serial-rapist bust

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When William Costello was arrested in June, for allegedly breaking the hip of an elderly man, he seemed like little more than a combustible creep. But after a DNA test run on him under a provision of Katie's Law scored several hits, the Denver District Attorney's Office has concluded that Costello is something more -- a serial rapist. Documents and the startling details below.

On June 30, according to the first in a series of arrest affidavits on view below, a Denver Police rep was called to the King Soopers at 2810 Quebec Street on an assault report. There, the officer learned that an elderly man had been standing near the door collecting signatures for a pro-life petition. When he asked a customer to sign the sheet on his clipboard, the man, later identified as Costello, 47, rejected this entreaty because of his belief in abortion. However, Costello is also said to have shouted several obscenities -- and when the petition collector told him he could "still go to heaven," he supposedly became even more exorcised, grabbing the clipboard in order to throw it to the ground and pushing him off his bike.

king soopers william costello.jpg
The King Soopers where the assault allegedly took place.
The fall broke the man's hip.

At that point, Costello, whose mug shot has not yet been released, fled the scene -- but a witness eyeballed his license plate, allowing the cops to track him down. When confronted, Costello is quoted as claiming that while angry words had been exchanged, he'd only grabbed the clipboard to prevent himself from being struck by it and denied that he'd given the man a shove. Instead, he insisted that the man had toppled of his own accord.

The officer didn't buy this explanation and arrested Costello on suspicion of second-degree assault of an at-risk adult.

The bust triggered the collection of a DNA sample -- and when personnel checked it against previously collected data, matches were reportedly found in a three separate cases.

The first incident took place in March 2008 and involved a thirteen-year-old girl who lived at the Denver Children's Home. She told an officer that she'd become upset with the personnel at the facility and had decided to run away. Shortly after reaching the intersection of East 16th Avenue and North Bellaire Street, she was approached by a dark blue, four-door sedan driven by a five-feet-ten-inch, 160 pound white male with short brown hair and blue eyes.

east 16th avenue and north bellaire street william costello.jpg
East 16th Avenue and North Bellaire Street, where the thirteen year old first encountered the suspect.
The man, who wore a black baseball cap, a red T-shirt and green shorts, was accompanied by a two-year-old boy in the back of the vehicle. He told the girl his name was Will, and asked if she wanted to hang out. She agreed and climbed into the vehicle, at which point he began to touch and penetrate her genitals. This went on for five minutes or so, after which the man told her he'd ejaculated.

He then told her he wanted to do it again, and she complied, reportedly because she feared for her safety -- and she had every reason to be afraid. Before he let her go, she said he opened his trunk and pulled out a black, semi-automatic handgun.

Continue to read more about the allegations against reputed serial rapist William Costello.

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They need to throw Costello in the slammer and LOSE the key!

Scott Ellerbrock
Scott Ellerbrock

Yes it got a rapist off the street but at what cost? DNA collection should not happen until someone is proven guilty of a crime, not simply based off of getting arrested. What has happened to innocent until proven guilty? What is there to stop police from just arresting you, collecting your DNA and then dropping the charges ?

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