Reader: Amendment 64 allows companies to drug test, and the results could get ugly

Sam Levin's post about business groups urging the federal government to clamp down on Amendment 64 collected plenty of views and comments. Among those weighing in was marijuana advocate and A64 opponent Kathleen Chippi, who warns that the measure doesn't prohibit drug testing -- and predicts terrible repercussions for employees.

KathleenChippi writes:

A64 Section 6 a and d clearly grants the employer the right to continue to drug test and fire employes over a failed tests -- which shows that the "business community" has also not even read A64 --DA-- They are the ones who got RIGHTS granted under 64 -- not the pot smokers. They preserved the right to FIRE employee's over marijuana use, yes, even use away from work, enshrined into our constitution.

And the Beinor ruling is the current law of the land on this issue -- employee's lawfully fired over marijuana use (MMJ or MJ) will NOT receive unemployment compensation for their lawful firing over the use of illegal drugs -- be it on the job or on a Friday night party away from work.

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People should boycott businesses that use drug testing.....

My company does a drug test, too.....

We lite a joint and pass it to you....if you take a toke, you've passed the drug test.If you're outta there!

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

...and thanks to the federal Drug Free Workplace Act, that's probably the vast majority of medium-to-large sized companies. If you want to sell to government, you've got to affirm that your employees are "drug free." 

Of course, they don't check for alcohol, prescription drugs and cough syrup on that piss test.

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