Reader: If Republicans had backed Amendment 64, young people still wouldn't have gone GOP

Tom Tancredo.
In an interview last week, former gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo argued that true conservatives should have supported Amendment 64 -- but he doubted that more Republican support would have driven many young voters to the GOP. One reader agrees in language that would likely please the ex-Congressman.

davidjake91 writes:

Tancredo is right. People my age don't vote Democrat based on this issue. It wouldn't change things much if the Republican Party adopted an anti-Prohibitionist stance. Young voters have been brainwashed through school to believe that having Big Brother take care of you and paddle you when you misbehave is a good thing. Personal liberty, freedom, and responsibility are totally lost on Milennial Democrats.

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Where is the 6 min conversation between Nixonlooper and the Federal Government. What kind of half ass tabloid do you run? The pulitzer prize was won for watergate coverage because they acted as the public watch dogs. You are a tabloid and you are letting the brass ring of journilism slip through your fingers. But hey at least the cannabis advertizments will keep village voice in the black.

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