Photos: Aurora, Columbine families hold emotional conference urging gun reforms

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After a week of silence since the Sandy Hook massacre, the National Rifle Association today said that more guns need to be part of the strategy to stop this kind of violence. Meanwhile, families of the victims of the Aurora shooting and the Columbine tragedy came together for an emotional press conference where they begged officials to enact policies that would make it harder for mass murderers to access the kinds of weapons that killed their loved ones.

Flanked by Representative Rhonda Fields and State Senator Morgan Carroll, the family of A.J. Boik, one of the twelve killed in the movie theater massacre on July 20, and the father of Daniel Mauser, a victim of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, came together at the State Capitol to express their horror at the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, and urge officials and citizens across the country to push for meaningful policy reforms.

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Sam Levin
Elected officials at the Capitol calling for gun-policy reforms this morning.
Many of the family members cried during the short news conference, and said that they want to see changes so that no more families have to suffer as they have. The news conference came exactly one week after a gunman shot his way into an elementary school with the same kind of weapon that the Aurora shooter had, and slaughtered twenty small children and six adult staffers.

"My son A.J. Boik was a wonderful boy," said Theresa Hoover, in tears. "He had a very bright, bright future ahead of him. He was going to be a teacher. He wasn't in it for the money. He was in it because that was where his heart was."

She paused. "The world is a darker place. He's not here. I shouldn't have to be standing here. None of us should have to be standing here. Sandy Hook shouldn't have happened. There needs to be something done to stop the assault weapons and the mentally ill from owning guns. It's bigger than just that, but the conversation has got to start today. It should've started years ago and it's shame on us for letting it get this far."

She continued, crying in the front of a room packed with reporters and cameras: "You guys wouldn't even know who I was and I would really rather have it be that way. I don't want to have to be standing here because my son was murdered, because he went to the movie theater." A.J. Boik was eighteen when he was killed.

His uncle, Dave Hoover, stepped up to the microphone and added, "We are responsible for this world that we live in. For us this unfold every day across the country and say, 'What a tragic thing,' and not pick up the a parent, as a brother, as a relative of anybody in this world that you your congressman. Call your senator. And say I want some change."

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They should give EVERYONE a free gun .

Then OUTLAW bullets .........

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

I knew I'd find that media whore Tom Mauser's name in this article.


those that trade a little liberty for a little security will have neither.B.F

Patrick Esser
Patrick Esser

Timothy McVeigh killed more without a gun...

Aaron LeForce
Aaron LeForce

Murder is already against the law, yet people do why do people feel passing gun laws will keep people from killing others using guns? There are already strict laws buying guns, if you can't buy one in a store its easy to get one on the street, even easier to steal one. Take time to pass a high capacity clip law where you can't buy one in store...fine, it takes 5 minutes and make one. NEWS FLASH...Laws will never keep people from being criminals.

Brad Aerts
Brad Aerts

Easiest way to conquer a nation is to disarm them ~ Adolf hitler


I sometimes wonder when an event occurs & remains the #1 topic on EVERY news source such as w/ Columbine, Aurora, & New Town ect..., if it might be the unintentional glamorization that fuels these troubled, ARMED, youth to begin with in the first place .

Bad attention, is STILL attention . I imagine potential mental cases that are capable of initiating this degree of actual hell,  are somewhat inspired by the endless media coverages from every angle imaginable . The extremely sad story about the puppy not being able to spend it's 1st x-mas w/ the now dead little boy from New Town, is a bit too much . 

I am nowhere near a solution . Just a sad witness to this growing monster !

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

American Gun MADNESS !!

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