Fifteen most memorable hairstyles in 2012 mug shots

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Big photos below.
When we have a bad hair day, most of us try to avoid letting anyone take a photo of us. But that's obviously impossible is the person in question has just been arrested -- which is why we had no trouble gathering the following gallery of hairy booking photos as part of our annual mug shot roundup. Look below to see the entire collection, and be sure to click on the names or accompanying links to check out our original coverage.

kenneth paul cline mug shot.jpg
Kenneth Cline.
Read more in "Kenneth Cline allegedly crashed drunk in truck with STAYCLN license plate."

darren garcia mug shot 2.JPG
Darren Garcia.
Read more in "Darren Garcia: How has HIV-positive prostitute allegedly been able to offend again and again?"

taylor jo mathis mug shot.JPG
Taylor Jo Mathis.
Read more in "Taylor Jo Mathis: Mug shot released of alleged driver in hit-and-run caught on video."

Continue to keep counting down our fifteen most memorable hairstyles in 2012 mug shots.

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Where is Corey (the nut tapper) Donahue? Isn't he one of Westwords golden boys?

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