Fifteen most memorable hairstyles in 2012 mug shots

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james henry bratt mug shots.JPG
James Henry Bratt.
Read more in "James Henry Bratt: Meth, ankle monitor and fatal stabbing of James Bidgood."

andrew simpson mug shot.jpg
Andrew Simpson.
Read more in "Andrew Simpson at bar before hit-and-run that killed DU's Masoud Bahramisasharif?"

nakie pratt mug shot.jpg
Nakie Pratt.
Read more in "Nakie Pratt busted for fatally stabbing aunt in the neck (10)."

Continue to keep counting down our fifteen most memorable hairstyles in 2012 mug shots.

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Where is Corey (the nut tapper) Donahue? Isn't he one of Westwords golden boys?

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