Bike hit and run: Fort Collins police say driver to blame in crash that hurt cyclist

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Original post, December 14, 1:30 p.m: A collision this week sent a 62-year-old cyclist in Fort Collins flying off his bike in a crash he can barely remember. And there's no information from the driver, either; after the collision, the SUV sped off, leaving the cyclist behind. This hit-and-run is the latest high-profile bike-vehicle crash in Colorado and comes just a month after a tragic fatal accident in Denver.

"The car slowed down and then just went on without checking to see if I was okay," says Dornan, who lives in Fort Collins and works in real estate.

At least that's what he was told, and what witnesses have reported.

Dave Dornan right.jpg
Courtesy of Dave Dornan
Dave Dornan, right.
Dornan says he can't remember the actual collision, which occurred Tuesday afternoon on College Avenue and Columbia Road as he was leaving a shopping center.

"I looked up and the light was definitely green," he says. "I vaguely remember seeing something...but that's where my memory fades."

Witnesses in a nearby car told 7News that the vehicle barely missed hitting them. They said the driver clearly ran through a red light, hitting the cyclist.

The crash apparently sent Dornan and his bike flying and also knocked off the hubcap of the car -- the only clue that remained at the scene.

"They said that the bike went up in the air and I went up in the air...ten feet," Dornan says. "And I flew about fifteen feet from my bike and landed."

He continues, "I guess [the witnesses] came up to me and I kept asking, 'I had the green, I had the green, didn't I?' and they assured me I did," says Dornan. He doesn't remember the immediate aftermath of the crash; his next memory is talking to emergency responders a little while later.

Dornan says he doesn't believe any suspects have been identified yet. We've left a message with the Fort Collins Police Department and will update when and if we hear back.

"It may be too soon to tell all my damages," he says. "I'm walking around okay."

Dornan is taking time off from work. He says he's suffering from pains in his lower spine and other shooting pains in his body.

"Always wear your helmet," he says. "My helmet was cracked -- that could've been my skull."

Continue for more on the accident and a news video from the scene.

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Really won't make a lot of difference if they catch the driver. I was hit by a car while on my bike in August. I completely had the right of way and had a witness who chased the car down. Sheriff's office apprehended the hit-and-run driver. She ended up with a 4 point careless driving ticket and no mention that it was a hit and run (the deputy didn't even note on the citation that it was, in fact, a hit and run). As long as people get off the hook so easily, it's going to keep happening. As Dave said, if they'd only stopped to make sure I was okay (which is actually the law), I would have been pretty darn forgiving. Car/bike accidents are going to happen...but good lord, people, take some responsibility for your actions! How in the heck can you sleep at night? Feel better, Dave...hope your bike is okay too!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@bikelvr1  ... would you have been any less hurt had the driver not run AFTER the accident?

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