Chang Ho Yi, liquor store owner, sued by shoplifter he shot in the face

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In a later interview, Yi told the Gazette he'd initially lied to the cops because he thought they were on Dewberry's side -- and besides, he'd hit his head and didn't really know what he was doing while pulling the trigger. On top of that, he still felt traumatized by a 2009 robbery during which he was shot in the gut and the assailant was never caught.

He also spoke about his background as a Green Beret wounded in the line of duty, but that turned out to be bogus. Military records noted by the Gazette show that he was never in special forces and worked as a truck mechanic.

Presumably, Dewberry, who hasn't exactly been walking the straight and narrow over the past two years (the paper refers to "repeated run-ins with the law"), feels Yi got off too easily. The suit claims he "recklessly and negligently" used a gun against someone who presented him no physical danger. The result left Dewberry "disfigured," the document maintains, noting that he's had to take part in speech therapy.

Look below to see a pretty un-disfigured-looking mug shot of Dewberry, as well as Yi's booking photo.

bryson dewberry mug shot.jpg
Bryson Dewberry.

chang ho yi mug shot.jpg
Chang Ho Yi.

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If he had not been robbing the store-he would not have been shot-sounds like he got exactly what he deserved-maybe next time he will think before he robs someone! he should have killed him!


Basically, if someone were to let their dog shit in my yard, I'm justified in using lethal force to protect my grass ? I don't believe that degree of force is justified protecting anything other than life !

Bianca Reznor Ibanez
Bianca Reznor Ibanez

common!! is it really necessary shooting a shoplifter in the face?? Christ' father used to steal from the church all the fucking time!

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

"Once the facts of the case were shared with a grand jury, though, the El Paso District Attorney's Office decided against charging him, presumably because of the difficulty involved in winning a conviction under such muddy circumstances."

Translation: No jury's gonna find him guilty, and I wouldn't either.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

American Gun Madness!

The Store owner should have been charged with Felony Assault and Attempted Murder.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@DonkeyHotay The shoplifter is a criminal. He deserved what he got. So, you want to lock up people who do something stupid instead of asking for reparations, yet you want to reward criminals by charging the people who stop them with crimes. You're a complete idiot!


The store owner should have killed him then there would only be one story. Criminal shot in the act of a crime.

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