Colorado Cannabis Time Capsule, 1937: Dealers "making addicts of young boys and girls"

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jason street house.JPG
3957 Jason Street in Denver.
No matter what spin the cops and reporter put on the whole thing, I can't help but laugh at the whole scenario, since it reads like a slapstick comedy. We all know pot doesn't give you Incredible Hulk strength or anything like that. But I can still picture this tiny Hispanic man taking on four doughy Irish cops in the living room of that little house for ten minutes. No doubt they had to blame the marijuana and unprecedented strength to save some face.

After Moya's bust, the officers went on to a home on Mariposa, where they snagged a mother and her son, Moses Rodriguez. While cops were making that bust, four teenagers came up to the door and narc'd her out. They told police they usually got two joints for a quarter, adding that everyone they knew was smoking herb -- probably in some cool way like, "It's cool, daddio, like all us hep cats are swingin' with this tea!"

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While in custody, Rodriguez reportedly revealed the details of his entire operation. He would send out scouts to local high schools and junior highs to hand out free joints to kids, telling them that if they wanted more, they could just stop by Mariposa Street and buy them. The herb was kept there, as well as at another house on 23rd Street, where they would use a flour sifter to sort seeds and stems from bud for rolling into joints.

The four were handed over to the U.S. District Attorney's office. All four defendants were described as "aliens", though it's unclear whether that means legal or illegal immigrants. There wasn't ever a followup on the story, either. Though given the climate at the time, and from we've seen in other stories, it wouldn't be surprising if all four were sent back across the border.

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Jeremy Hull
Jeremy Hull

How is this different from today? "we've seen how newspapers of the past loved to latch onto the scary stories and sensationalize about ..."

Eric Raymond
Eric Raymond

lol. it's amazing how long people were brainwashed by this propaganda.


@DonkeyHotay your link leads to a story that says nothing close to your trolling headline.  The dispensaries in Dacono are simply requesting to stay open for the couple of months until they can get a citizens vote on the issue.

It's sad the lies you promote in the interest of prohibition.  Quit being the sore loser that you are.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

@malcolmkyle16 Interesting older one holds that in the 20th century, the state was the number one cause of unnatural death.

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