Photos: Ten Colorado-connected funny people

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Steve Howey:
steve howey wiki.jpg
Steve Howey.
Who? Howey, a Texas native who moved to Denver during high school and attended Northeastern Junior College in Sterling, has appeared on a slew of TV shows (such as Reba) and movies (like Bride Wars) over the years, most of them fairly unmemorable. But he's making a name for himself as Kevin Ball, a regular character on the Showtime series Shameless. He's hilarious and hunky on a program that deserves more attention than it gets.

T.J. Miller:

tj miller wiki.jpg
T.J. Miller.
Miller, who was born in Denver and attended East High School, has gotten some prime screen time in flicks such as She's Out of My League and My Idiot Brother. But while he's certainly gone Hollywood in the literal sense, he continues to carry a torch for the Mile High City, as evidenced by "Denver," a video he made earlier this year. Represent!

Continue for more of our eight Colorado-connected famous funny people.

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Virgil Dunn
Virgil Dunn

Neither of them are even remotely funny, except for maybe Schaal's brief moments in that short-lived HBO series. In particular, Parker & Stone are complete utter douchebags. South Park should have been killed off long ago.


Kristen Schaal is very funny as the voice of Louise on the animated show "Bob's Burgers", too.

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