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Bill Murray:
bill murray wiki.jpg
Bill Murray.
Murray's connections to the Denver area revolve around his attendance at Regis College -- an institution of higher learning that apparently made a big impression on him, since he returned for a college reunion there this past summer. But any link to the man who gave us Caddyshack, Groundhog Day and one of the greatest movie cameos of all time (duh, Zombieland) is well worth cherishing.

Trey Parker:

trey parker wiki.jpg
Trey Parker.
The pride of Denver, Evergreen, Conifer, CU-Boulder and, of course, South Park, Parker has managed to parlay his piercing wit and fondness for saying inappropriate things in gut-busting ways into a career that's made waves on the TV (need we mention the title of the show again?), the stage (The Book of Mormon) and the big screen (Team America: World Police, featuring the longest puppet-on-puppet sex scene of all time). As a bonus, he really seems to like the Denver Broncos.

Continue for more of our eight Colorado-connected famous funny people.

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Virgil Dunn
Virgil Dunn

Neither of them are even remotely funny, except for maybe Schaal's brief moments in that short-lived HBO series. In particular, Parker & Stone are complete utter douchebags. South Park should have been killed off long ago.


Kristen Schaal is very funny as the voice of Louise on the animated show "Bob's Burgers", too.

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