Photos: Ten Colorado-connected funny people

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Kristen Schaal:
kristen schaal wiki.jpg
Kristen Schaal.
Schaal, who was born in Longmont, is suddenly everywhere. She's gone from Flight of the Conchords to a recurring role on 30 Rock as, arguably, the world's most annoying person ever -- and that's the point. But some of her funniest moments have been as a special correspondent on The Daily Show. Her husband, Rich Blomquist, is a writer for the program, which means, we hope, that she'll continue to pop up at Jon Stewart's desk for many years to come.

Matt Stone:

trey parker and matt stone wiki.jpg
Matt Stone, right, with a friend.
Remember all that stuff we wrote about Trey Parker a little while ago? Well, it pretty much goes for Parker, too -- except that he was born in Houston but raised in Littleton and attended Heritage High School. Plus, he looks mighty good in a dress like the one he wore to the 2000 Academy Awards. Just sayin'.

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Virgil Dunn
Virgil Dunn

Neither of them are even remotely funny, except for maybe Schaal's brief moments in that short-lived HBO series. In particular, Parker & Stone are complete utter douchebags. South Park should have been killed off long ago.


Kristen Schaal is very funny as the voice of Louise on the animated show "Bob's Burgers", too.

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