Photos: Ten Colorado-connected hotties, ingenues and reality-TV stars

AnnaSophia Robb:
annasophia robb wiki.jpg
AnnaSophia Robb.
A Denverite by birth, Robb attended Arapahoe High School in Centennial -- a very public facility given the fame she attained as a teenager via prominent roles in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Because of Winn-Dixie and more. If you figured she'd vanish from the entertainment firmament like so many child stars before her, reserve judgement: Next year, she's set to star in The Carrie Diaries as the younger version of a certain Sarah Jessica Parker character.

Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson:

elvira photograph.jpg
Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson.
Peterson moved from her Kansas hometown to Colorado Springs, reportedly because of a flood. Her career remained fairly soggy when, in the early '80s, she conceived Elvira, a late-night movie hostess/Gothic caricature that she imbued with just the right blend of come-hither sexiness and eye-rolling satire. It's an image that's served her well over the decades since.

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Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

westword needs more articles with substance. badly. this is the most pathetic quality of writing in a weekly EVER

Heather Doozer
Heather Doozer

if you get feelings of pride from someone famous being associated with your state you are doing things very, very wrong. Maybe try to do something to actually be proud of?

Virgil Dunn
Virgil Dunn

Gee, Mikey Roberts. Why not just apply directly with People magazine rather than go through the trouble of using an already low quality local weekly as your personal "resume."

Nico Phelps
Nico Phelps

Sheryl lee obvi, no comment on her roles after Laura Palmer!!!!

Josh Court
Josh Court

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize I liked the TMZ page.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

"Reality" and "star" should never, ever be used in the same sentence.

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